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Sociability Test: How sociable are you?

Take the online test to measure your sociability levels and find out where there is room for improvement...

Please answer the questions with your most typical response.

1. Do you feel comfortable with people whom you think are more knowledgeable than you?

Always, I want to learn from their experiences.
Sometimes, depending on whether or not I feel they are approachable.
Rarely, they might make me feel intimidated.

2. It's your first day at a new job/school, how do you approach your colleagues/peers?

I introduce myself as soon as possible and try to get to know them.
I like to learn the ropes first - will get to know them later.
I wait until they introduce themselves to me and invite me into their circle.

3. You are invited to a party where you know you will know only the host/hostess - how do you react?

Accept the invitation eagerly and look on it as an opportunity to make new friends.
Go to the party but tend not to mingle easily with people I don't know well.
Refuse - I wouldn't go to a party where I hardly know anyone.

4. You are shopping for a new outfit and the assistant asks if you're going somewhere special. How do you react?

Tell them your plans and ask advice on the most suitable outfit to wear.
Tend not to get involved in personal conversation with people I don't know.
Make a hasty retreat without purchasing anything.

5. You have just finished shopping and are about to go to the car park when you notice an elderly neighbour whom you've never spoken to before, carrying heavy shopping bags and heading toward the bus station, would you.

Ask her if she would like a lift.
Only acknowledge her if she noticed you.
Pretend you haven't seen her and carry on to your car.

6. You have missed dinner, are extremely hungry and are at your friend's house. Their mum is cooking dinner and it smells appetising - do you.

Ask if you can have something to eat.
Wait to be invited and then accept.
I wouldn't impose - I'll go home now or get something to eat on the way.

7. You are discussing a subject that you think you know quite well, with a group of friends. One of them challenges your views. What do you do?

Tell them you know what you're talking about and give examples, elaborating in detail about your subject.
Listen to their views and reason your case if you still can't agree.
Say nothing, accept that they might know more than you, or agree to disagree.

8. When visiting a doctor about symptoms you're not familiar with, do you?

Write down possible questions to ask and note your GPs responses.
Ask a few questions but don't push too much, after all your GP knows what they're doing better than you could.
Accept your GPs explanations if they're offered, without asking for clarification about anything you weren't sure of.

9. You are holding a private party when a couple of gate-crashers turn up. Do you.

Invite them to join in, after all, the more the merrier and as long as they don't make any trouble it's no problem.
Try to find out if any other guest knows them, allow them to stay but keep a close eye on them.
Tell them to leave; after all, they weren't invited.

10. It's a colleague's leaving day and someone unexpectedly organizes going to for a drink after work but you already have plans, do you?

Accept the invite; you can still keep your plans for later.
Phone home to say you'll be late and perhaps allow yourself to be persuaded not to go out with your colleagues.
Refuse politely; you've seen enough of your colleagues at work.

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