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  • David
    15th Apr, 2018

  • "This is delicately handled. I like the soft approach and way it tackles it."*

    On Fear of Intimacy

  • Gary
    9th Apr, 2018

  • "Only been using for a few days. Go under quite quickly, very good."*

    On Fear of Criticism

  • Sharon
    6th Apr, 2018

  • "Very relaxing, nice calming voice. I am 45 days alcohol free and I feel this mp3 has definitely helped with this."*

    On Alcohol Cessation

  • Kim
    Colorado, USA
    3rd Apr, 2018

  • "I have only used this recording for a week now, but am already seeing results. The idea of a personal symbol used in this script is excellent as it provides an instant state of mind for future self hypnosis. Good stuff!"*

    On Hypnotize Yourself

  • Chris
    South Yorks, UK
    2nd Apr, 2018

  • "I love his nice relaxing voice and can tell the difference in my sugar craving in just a few days. Thank you for a great product at very reasonable price"*

    On Sugar Addiction

  • Bob
    30th Mar, 2018

  • "I downloaded this mp3 as well as similar ones from other websites. This was by far and away the best. It's well written, the background music is not intrusive and the narrator's voice is smooth and relaxing. Oh, and it works. It's helped me to break a performance barrier. Thank you."*

    On Confidence for Hypnotherapists

  • Zed
    10th Mar, 2018

  • "My confidence has improved dramatically, I’ve only been listening to it for 4 days but I intend to keep going! I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with their confidence to become a hypnotherapist."*

    On Confidence for Hypnotherapists

  • Lin A.
    New York, USA
    8th Mar, 2018

  • "Really great hypnosis. Love that it gets really deep into my subconscious and completely relaxes me. I've listened to it a few times and will continue to.. my bad habits are starting to go away and I am thoroughly impressed. Thank you!"*

    On Procrastination

  • Lin A.
    New York, USA
    8th Mar, 2018

  • "I have only listened to this particular mp3 once.. I enjoyed it a lot but I think I need to listen to it a few more times to have more impact. It has definitely made a little improvement in my feelings towards myself though. "*

    On Increased Self Esteem

  • Jan
    8th Mar, 2018

  • "Very good. More sound effects than other oroducts"*

    On Jumbo Playing Card Experience

  • Sam
    21st Feb, 2018

  • "Love the background music really helped deepen my trance and I have listened to this a lot and it really has helped me being a hypnotherapy student I feel so much more confident"*

    On Confidence for Hypnotherapists

* Results may vary from person to person. For peace of mind, Hypnotic World offers a 100% money-back guarantee on self-hypnosis MP3s. If you are not entirely satisfied with this MP3, simply contact us for a full refund.

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