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  • David
    2nd Mar, 2019

  • "This is an excellent recording. The script really works for me. Currently my favourite hypnosis download!"*

    On Colors

  • Justine
    15th Jan, 2019

  • "Well, it's been a whole 24 hours and I'm not 8 stone lighter yet!!! I've made some healthy choices with my weekly food shop today and bypassed the chocolate, not consciously either. I also met up with my daughter in law and declined lunch as I ate when i was hungry an hour or two before, again not a conscious decision so I guess something's working. Thank you, thank you, thank you"*

    On Easy Weight Loss

  • Justine
    15th Jan, 2019

  • "I'm not normally that forthcoming when people ask what I do on account of me only just starting out in the therapist world, but today I was telling people and handing out my card. Can only be a good thing right?"*

    On Confidence for Hypnotherapists

  • Julie
    14th Jan, 2019

  • "I have felt better and more connected to my partner"*

    On Fear of Intimacy

  • Julie
    14th Jan, 2019

  • "This has made me see my partner in a new light."*

    On Hypnosis for Lovers

  • Julie
    14th Jan, 2019

  • "This really helped during the festive season."*

    On Binge Drinking

  • Louise
    12th Jan, 2019

  • "Helped not only in my studies but at work on a daily basis. Would recommend."*

    On Photographic Memory

  • Robert
    New York, NY
    16th Aug, 2018

  • "Thanks for an excellent session!"*

    I'm very happy with this recording. The induction is unique and very effective. After less than a week using the MP3, I already feel significant shifts occurring. Thanks for an excellent session!*

    On Confidence

  • Sian
    14th Aug, 2018

  • "I used this along side some hypnotherapy relating to flying, when we realised it was the tunnel that sets me off, I listened to this before and at the airport and on holiday and it just makes to concentrate more and not go straight into panic mode"*

    On Claustrophobia

  • Kay
    Texas, USA
    10th Aug, 2018

  • "I am a professionally trained hypnotherapist. I was trained in the UK and US. Sometimes I need self-improvement myself and I always use Hypnotic Worlds MP3s. They are the best. What I mean is that the suggestions are very powerful and I have gotten excellent results utilizing every one of their MP3s. The price is extremely reasonable as well. I also buy them for my grown children and they have gotten awesome results as well. "*

    On Memory and Concentration

  • Lyndsey
    South Yorkshire
    3rd Aug, 2018

  • "I found the hypnosis brilliant and the voice on it very soothing. I have only done it once but it did help me have a tidied mindset. In my experience you need to do them a few times to get the full effect, which I will be doing. "*

    On Enjoy Housework

* Results may vary from person to person. For peace of mind, Hypnotic World offers a 100% money-back guarantee on self-hypnosis MP3s. If you are not entirely satisfied with this MP3, simply contact us for a full refund.

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