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How Hypnosis CDs & Downloads are helping customers worldwide

Want to know what people think of Hypnotic World MP3s and CDs? Read the testimonials below (from the online feedback system) and try one for yourself:

  • Christine
    Melbourne, Australia
    23rd Sep, 2019

  • "This download is awesome. I have not only become more tidy and organised at home but at work as well. Worth the investment."*

    On Become Tidy and Organized

  • Justine
    16th Sep, 2019

  • "As always a professionally written and read script. I felt more confident about what I was saying and feel more confident every time I say it."*

    On Powerful Public Speaking

  • Chris
    Western Australia
    13th Sep, 2019

  • "I have a few of these types of downloads but this is one my favourites. I works well for me."*

    On Alcohol Cessation

  • Glenn
    East Yorkshire
    29th Aug, 2019

  • " Very professional recording, Topic and quality"*

    On Fear of Surgery

  • Nicki Cawley
    19th Aug, 2019

  • "A great addition to help with fear of flying"*

    On Fearless Flying

  • Alana
    16th Aug, 2019

  • "After listening to this for four days straight I was able to do my 10 minute speech without the intense anxiety that I normally have!!! Alana"*

    On Public Speaking

  • Leonie
    12th Aug, 2019

  • "Really good hypnosis that I will listen to again and again - to solve one of my particular issues! "*

    On Lose Protective Weight

  • Jorge
    Cancun, Mexico
    25th Jul, 2019

  • "Very good audio it is helping a lot to generate new and fresh ideas! Thanks "*

    On Song Writing Skills

  • Jorge
    Cancun , Mexico
    25th Jul, 2019

  • "Excellent audio, it really helped me a lot with my fear of criticism! Thanks a lot "*

    On Fear of Criticism

  • Sam
    24th Jul, 2019

  • "Amazing as always. Love this website, it's helped me so much."*

    On Social Drinking

  • Alana
    South Carolina
    16th Jul, 2019

  • "When I think of exercise I can honestly say it feels a lot less overwhelming than It did before I started listening to the MP3. I have planned a biking trip this weekend and it will be the first time I’ve ridden my bike in years. I can’t help but think I AM more motivated bc of this healing MP3. Thank you !!!"*

    On Exercise Motivation

* Results may vary from person to person. For peace of mind, Hypnotic World offers a 100% money-back guarantee on self-hypnosis MP3s. If you are not entirely satisfied with this MP3, simply contact us for a full refund.

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