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Want to know what people think of Hypnotic World MP3s and CDs? Read the testimonials below (from the online feedback system) and try one for yourself:

  • Wayne
    Midlands, UK
    21st Jun, 2020

  • "I've been enjoying this recording for under a week, and can already feel myself under less self-pressure in my creative endevours. I feel more excited to start new projects, and feel more optimism, and enjoyment about the process rather than pre-occuppation about the end results."*

    On Perfectionism

  • Chris
    Western Australia
    24th May, 2020

  • "As a mature age student I need all the help I can get. This program works well for me."*

    On Accelerated Studying

  • Jihn
    United States Of America
    27th Apr, 2020

  • "High quality sound and easy to download. Hypnosis provider uses very good technique and this MP3 has been very helpful. I would highly recommend it!"*

    On Procrastination

  • Mark
    Los Angeles County
    18th Apr, 2020

  • "Was able to water fast for 3 days, had not been able to do that for over 4 months of trying. This worked. Listened to it twice a day, morning and late afternoons - will be doing so for the remainder of the week."*

    On Fasting

  • Rosie
    11th Apr, 2020

  • "My son used this download and after most one session which is remarkable it made a huge difference. We tried it the second evening and he hasn’t stuttered since!"*

    On Child Stuttering

  • Helen
    5th Dec, 2019

  • "Very good. Used for myself and been to dentist happily twice now."*

    On Fear of Dental Treatment

  • Pam
    8th Nov, 2019

  • "I listened to the "Confidence for Hypnotherapists" for 3 days before my first paying client. I've been practicing pro bono. The mp3 worked like a charm! I am confident that I'm ready for more paying clients!"*

    On Confidence for Hypnotherapists

  • Renae
    5th Nov, 2019

  • "Very relaxing I am looking forward to the results. I really feel motivated after the session."*

    On Gastric Band Weight Loss

  • Al
    9th Oct, 2019

  • "Excellent relaxation introduction and hypnotic script feel much better already"*

    On Fear of Authority

  • Lesley
    7th Oct, 2019

  • "The pace of the recording is perfect and the therapist's voice is the right tone. I've used the recording a couple of times for my own stress relief and found it of huge benefit."*

    On Stress

  • Christine
    Melbourne, Australia
    23rd Sep, 2019

  • "This download is awesome. I have not only become more tidy and organised at home but at work as well. Worth the investment."*

    On Become Tidy and Organized

* Results may vary from person to person. For peace of mind, Hypnotic World offers a 100% money-back guarantee on self-hypnosis MP3s. If you are not entirely satisfied with this MP3, simply contact us for a full refund.

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