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  • Lindsey
    26th Apr, 2017

  • "I have used the Gastric Band Weight Loss hypnosis 6 times over 2 weeks and I am noticing my eating pattern changing. I'm not eating between meals, portion size has reduced and more often than not I choose the healthy option. I'm not on a strict punishing diet, that I won't stick to, I've done that too many times, to be honest until I started writing this review and looking back at the last two weeks I hadn't consciously noticed the small changes I had made. I have just weighed my self and I'm 5 lbs down. I'm thrilled, I can honestly say it's been the easiest 5 lbs I've ever lost! "

    On Gastric Band Weight Loss

  • Tatyana
    Loudoun County, VA
    17th Apr, 2017

  • "Fasting MP3 is a great product. I was looking for hypnotic solution to supplement my fasting that I do now and then. It works very well and I would definitely recommend it to anyone."

    On Fasting

  • Marianne
    7th Jan, 2017

  • "Great quality recording and effective. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to try a more natural approach to stress relief."

    On Wash Away Stress

  • Stephanie
    United States
    29th Nov, 2016

  • "I'm well on my way to reaching my dream weight by listening to this hypnosis!"

    On Gastric Band Weight Loss

  • Stephanie
    United States
    29th Nov, 2016

  • "Very calming voice. I feel like my voice is getting louder and louder the more I listen to this."

    On Voice Projection

  • Kerry
    28th Oct, 2016

  • "Excellent really helped me"

    On Time Management

  • Prince
    28th Oct, 2016

  • "Excellent excellent excellent. All must definitely try this, especially those who have uncomfortable feelings around people. Those bad feelings, thoughts no longer bother you, this is what this hypnosis does and it's life changing!"

    On Fear of Rejection

  • Kerry
    24th Oct, 2016

  • "Enjoyed it "

    On Life Energy

  • Prince
    22nd Oct, 2016

  • "Very good and deep induction followed by excellent hypnotic script. Everyone who have anxiety issues during social situations must definitely try this. It will surely help you to reduce the intensity of anxiety. Thanks a lot hypnotic world for this excellent hypnosis session."

    On Social Phobia

  • Victoria
    Rugby England
    21st Oct, 2016

  • "Amazing results. 4 year old son was biting his nails and the skin around them daily, to the point they bleed. The download was only listen to (at bed time) 2-3 times over the space of 2 weeks. Result we're not instant, to start with nail biting did reduced. Then a few weeks later he had grown nails long enough for me to clip. He has not bitten his nails for months. "

    On Children's Nail Biting

  • Carol
    South Atlantic
    18th Oct, 2016

  • "A wonderful way of dealing with negativity. I love this download and have used it several times in the past few days already."

    On Silver Sack Negativity

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