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Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World membership, scripts and MP3s

We are always pleased to hear from customers using Hypnotic World products in their every day lives, whether they're trying hypnosis for the first time with our self-hypnosis MP3s or hypnotherapists using scripts from our collection to treat clients at their own practices:

MP3 Testimonials:

Faith I just wanted to say these recordings are powerful stuff. When my partner gave me the first one to listen to, I knew I was on to something good! I have practiced personal development through various means and always believed in the unlimited potential of our minds - but these scripts have had the most dramatic effect. I'm really enjoying life and feel the best I have for years... everything feels so easy and achievable!!! Thanks again and keep up the good work.


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Member Feedback:

Your site is a valuable and comprehensive resource for all but especially for Hypnotherapists such as myself just starting out in this wonderful profession

Ian H

Hi Faith, Thanks for what you do, it is a very good service. This is a wonderful site and the information has helped me so much as I learn Hypnosis.


I think your website is excellent. Regards,

Gaye R

Wonderful service!!!! Thanks for the prompt (and informative!) help
Best wishes


Thanks very much for getting back to me. I'm still having a great time on your website!! Kind regards


Many thanks
I am delighted to be part of the excellent resource
All best wishes


I want to thank you for the warm welcome. I am very excited about this new find! I am just about a year as a hypnotist and was looking to branch out a bit from weight loss and smoking. This is a great new beginning for me. Thank you


Just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you for the script you sent the other day, it's perfect. I would like to take this opportunity in congratulating you on your website it is truly excellent. Keep up the good work.


Have heard only the best from my friends about Hypnotic World and thought I Would subscribe. With thanks

Barbara M

I have used many of the scripts on this site and have enjoyed the site so much. In fact, it is the best site I know of. So please read the attached scripts and see if they are useful. Thanks,

Celeste M

Wow You're amazing. And I am very grateful. I truly must take the time to learn how to write for myself. But in the mean time, Thanks


Thank you Faith, I am enjoying your site very much and have passed your URL on to the people that trained with me. Regards

Hypnosis Script Testimonials:

Confusion Induction: Thank you Faith...this Confusion Induction is fabulous. I have used it on a couple of clients that consciously cannot switch off with a progressive induction. Love It! - thank you, Helen

Helen Stone (29th Mar, 2024)

Fear Of Vomiting: This was a very well-written script - the pacing was just right and my client clearly found the experience easy and painless. Thank you.

Jan Caimano (10th Jan, 2024)

Great Script: I used this script on a client , thank you

Randall Kohl (21st Sep, 2023)

Lovely Script: Just carried out this script on a client I have been treating for anxiety, really enjoyed it and felt very positive afterwards

Jayne Wiltowski (11th Jul, 2023)

Living With Long Covid: Just used this with a client who has health anxiety and long covid, she really enjoyed it, let's hope it makes a difference

Jayne Wiltowski (31st Oct, 2022)

Timing Is Everything: This script came at exactly the right time for a new client I met yesterday for the first time. She loves nature and lives near a forest like the one described. With some alterations and personalisations this script will help me to help her with her issue of stress, tension and need for control. Thankyou Christin and Thankyou Universe!

Gwen Glover (16th Apr, 2022)

Lovely Flowing Scrip: Just used this script on a client with long vivid who is really struggling with energy levels she really enjoyed it - will see how she gets on

Jayne Wiltowski (5th Apr, 2022)

Thanks: An excellent place to start your brochure. Very helpful.

Brian Whitters (5th Apr, 2022)

Thank You : This really helps me - great advice! thank you!

Benjamin Webster (11th Feb, 2022)

Anxiety : Great results for me having hypnotherapy with Una Much love Pat x

Una Mcclory (29th Jan, 2022)

Amazing Script: Just used this on a client who is struggling to get to sleep, he found it amazing, will see how he gets on, but it is a lovely script

Jayne Wiltowski (26th Jan, 2022)

Pinching This: In fact I've used it today, slightly adapted. I think it's really clever, thanks for sharing it!

Amy Orledge (12th Jul, 2021)

* Results may vary from person to person. For peace of mind, Hypnotic World offers a 100% money-back guarantee on self-hypnosis MP3s. If you are not entirely satisfied with this MP3, simply contact us for a full refund.

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“I find the selection of scripts provided excellent. I am enjoying going through them. I have used several so far on my clients and they work a treat.”

John O'Toole

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