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Updated Terms of Use (12th, 18th May, 2022): We have updated the Terms of Use to cover declined payments and receipts. By continuing to using the Hypnotic World web site and/or services, you agree to the Terms of Use below:

Updated Terms of Use (16th September, 2019): We have updated the Terms of Use to provide a clearer explanation of the permitted uses of content and services. By continuing to using the Hypnotic World web site and/or services, you agree to the Terms of Use below:

Updated Terms of Use (18th May, 2018): We have updated the Terms of Use to reflect the introduction of GDPR legislation. By continuing to using the Hypnotic World web site and/or services, you agree to the Terms of Use below:

Updated Terms of Use (6th December, 2013): We have updated the Terms of Use to reflect changes to Hypnotic World for members.

Previously, there has been a 30 scripts per day viewing limit for members. We have lifted this limit so that members can view all of the scripts on Hypnotic World. You can also use the new Download and Print buttons to download up to 10 scripts each day.


Terms of Use

By using Hypnotic World content and services, including the Hypnotic World website, you agree to abide by the Terms of Use described below:


Content Usage

All content on this site, such as hypnosis scripts, audio and other resources, including items marked as 'free' or otherwise, is copyright of Hypnotic World Ltd and/or contributors. Users are not permitted to copy, edit, distribute or use for commercial purposes any such content, except as described below or with the explicit consent of Hypnotic World. We take seriously any abuse of these Terms of Use.

Hypnotic World products are intended for relaxation purposes only and are not as a substitute for medical treatment. They are not medical or therapeutic devices and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition or disease. For such issues, we recommend that users seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner.


Members can access and view an unlimited number of scripts per day and may download, print or save up to 10 scripts per day. However, if as a member, you have reached your daily limit and need one or two urgently for immediate hypnosis sessions, then we may be able to email them to you upon request.

Hypnotic World reserves the right to refuse membership to any person or company and will refund payments received from them.


Members who are practising hypnotherapists may use the scripts in practice with their individual clients on a one-to-one basis and may modify scripts to suit the circumstances of the client.

Scripts may be adapted to produce audio recordings where the recording is provided at no additional cost to such clients as part of a therapeutic approach (during the period of time that the member's subscription is active).

Scripts may also be recorded for members' self improvement on a personal basis only.

Script recordings may not be used for group sessions or commercial purposes, distributed to parties other than the client seen on a one-to-one basis, made available for sale or shared on any social media platform, website or other means.

Audio Content

The audio content offered on Hypnotic World is provided for personal and non-commercial use only. It may not be re-distributed, re-sold, used for commercial purposes or as part of another recording except where a separate license provided by Hypnotic World permits this.

Background audio and sound effects available to stream by members using the Hypnotic World Media Player may be played as a background accompaniment to members' one-to-one client sessions.

Script Requests

Script requests must be generic in nature. This means that we do not 'tailor-make' a script for a specific client. Please consider whether any other hypnotherapist is likely to encounter the exact same scenario before submitting your request.

We cannot promise that a requested script will arrive in time for your forthcoming session. However, if the script has been written but not published, please email support@hypnoticworld.com and if the script is available, it will be emailed to you.


Email Communications

Users agree to receive email communications relating to the services that they register with in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Consent may be withdrawn at any time using the 'Unsubscribe' link in an email received (where applicable), or by contacting us.


User Submissions

By submitting script responses, you consent to royalty-free use of such content on Hypnotic World. Hypnotic World is not responsible for user-generated content and does not necessarily endorse views expressed in user-submitted content.

Messages sent via Hypnotic World may be monitored for spam prevention and service improvement.


Customer Testimonials

We provide testimonials from customers on many of our MP3 and CD product description pages, to help customers make better decisions when purchasing sessions. Where multiple versions of the same session are available (for example, with male and female voices), download information refers to the newest version of the MP3 available and testimonials may refer to either version of the MP3. Both MP3s will then be available for download upon purchase.



Receipts: Receipts are available to download via your online account upon successful payment.

Declined Payments: If a recurring payment, such as a subscription or instalment plan payment, is due and we are unable to process the charge, we will attempt to contact you (e.g. by email and/or SMS) with guidance as to how to complete the payment.


Limitation of Liability

Hypnotic World provides all of its products, content and services on an as-is basis only. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, Hypnotic World makes no representation or warranty, actual or implied, with regards to the fitness for a specific purpose of any kind of such provisions. By using such content and services, the user agrees to ensure that products are suitable for their deployed use and accepts full and sole responsibility for all consequences, including but not limited to loss, personal injury, loss of revenue and/or damages, arising from such use.



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