Scripts: Which option is right for you?

We offer a number of options to access our 1,000+ hypnosis scripts:

Option 1. Single Script Purchase

When purchasing single scripts, you will receive a link to the script via email in plain text format - no additional software is required to read and use the script.

Recommended for: People who occasionally use hypnosis scripts.

Option 2. Access script as part of a Hypnotic World membership

Members of Hypnotic World can view all the scripts on the site, and download/print up to 10 scripts each day, making this the best value option for hypnotherapists and people using hypnosis and hypnotherapy regularly. You can subscribe online, and enjoy access to the nine hundred-plus hypnosis scripts (new scripts added regularly), along with a selection of self hypnosis MP3s and other benefits.

Click here for more information or to sign up (Recommended Option)

Recommended for: Hypnotherapists and users who will require more than one hypnosis script.


Option 3. Self Hypnosis MP3 Purchase

Many hypnosis scripts are available in a downloadable audio (MP3) format, and can be purchased by anyone and listened to through their preferred media device. Self hypnosis MP3s are suitable for people with no knowledge of hypnosis who want to benefit from the relaxation of a hypnosis session, without having to visit a hypnotherapist.

Recommended for: Users who would like to benefit from hypnosis or hypnotherapy for a particular issue.


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