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Frequently Asked Questions (Hypnosis MP3s & CDs)

Here, we aim to answer any questions you have about Hypnotic World's MP3 recordings. Please click a question below to view its answer, or contact us with any other queries you may have for a prompt response from hypnotherapist, Faith Waude DHP.

Hypnosis Questions and Answers:
A. Hypnosis is a state of altered awareness during which our subconscious mind is more open and receptive to suggestions that are given. We drift in and out of different levels of awareness many times a day, absorbing information on a subliminal level as well as consciously. Hypnotic World's MP3 downloads will work with your imagination to help you to achieve your goals.
A. You will be aware of everything that is happening and being said the whole time, however you will be so deeply relaxed that you may find yourself drifting into different levels of awareness. Remember, your subconscious mind is active throughout and it is this that hypnotists work with.
A. This depends how deep in hypnosis you are, but generally most people do remember either everything or certain parts of the experience. You will find that suggestions which have been given to you in hypnosis will resurface in your conscious, thinking mind after your hypnosis and these will be the thoughts that produce changes in your behavior or way of thinking and feeling.
A. No-one has ever remained in hypnosis indefinitely. Even if you were to stop listening to the MP3/CD halfway through the session, you would still 'come out' of the trance state once rapport between yourself and the hypnotist's voice had been broken.
A. The only side effects are the beneficial ones of feeling more relaxed afterwards and feeling more positive about whatever it was you sought hypnotherapy for. Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state.
A. Everyone is different. Some people say that their body feels like a lead weight, others say they feel as though they're floating away. Most people will agree that it's a lovely feeling because they are more relaxed that they have ever been before.
Hypnosis MP3 Questions and Answers:
A. An MP3 is a sound file containing an audio recording. Hypnotic World MP3s are audio sessions containing self hypnosis and relaxation, which you can download and listen to on your computer, smartphone or other MP3 playing devices.
A. Once you've ordered an MP3, you'll receive an email with a link, where you can download the hypnosis recording as an MP3 file and listen to it whenever you wish. You can also 'burn' the MP3s onto a CD for your personal use - this will enable you to listen to the hypnosis MP3s at bedtime, for example.
A. This depends on the speed of your connection. For broadband users, it should take less than ten minutes to download hypnosis MP3s, while retaining the high quality of the recordings. Most recordings are compressed in a 'zip' file for faster and easier downloading.
A. Virtually all modern computers are capable of playing MP3s. Software such as Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Real Player will enable you to listen to hypnosis MP3s with ease, and one or more these programs are pre-installed on most computers.
A. Yes - you can stream and listen to MP3s on your smartphone whilst it is connected to the internet. You can also save MP3s to your computer, connect your phone and transfer them to your phone to listen without using the internet on your phone.
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