Practical Hypnotherapy Trainer


We are looking for experienced therapy trainers to teach and mentor new therapists as they take part in our 1-year practical training-based hypnotherapy courses.


Trainers will be required to host one or more of our Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy courses. These practical courses are classroom-based and take place around the UK. Usually, a course will take place on Saturday and Sunday day-times (full days of training) over 10 weekends, over the course of one year. Group sizes range from approximately 5-20 students.

Trainers should be:

  • Fully trained hypnotherapists - trained in hypnotherapy and accredited by relevant professional bodies.
  • Great communicators - empathetic and capable of conveying hypnotherapy-related concepts to students in a way that supports their learning, and of answering any questions that students present.
  • Experienced - applicants should have a minimum of 5 years’ experience using hypnotherapy and working with clients. Training and/or teaching experience in hypnotherapy or other subjects are also advantageous. Applicants should be able to host classes independently, maintain the attention of students and to work with students and Hypnotic World to manage any relevant issues that may arise.
  • Well-organized - able to organize their time and work effectively, including planning the training days and maintaining records of students’ progress during the course.


The course will take place at a pre-arranged venue in one of the host cities for the Practitioner Diploma Course. Applicants should be able to make their own arrangements to travel to and from the venue as needed.


Trainers should be available to host courses on two full days per month over 10 months. The course schedule will be agreed with the course in advance. They should also be free to offer support to students outside of class time and to complete any required paperwork for the course. Applicants should also be available to offer pre-enrolment advice to prospective students with questions regarding training.


Course tutors will be paid per unit (1 weekend). Fees and expenses for hosting the courses are negotiable.

Position Type

This is a freelance position open to applicants on a self-employed basis.

Apply for this Position

If you have the skills and experience to fulfil this role and join our motivated team, we want to hear from you! Please send your details, including the position that you would like to discuss and an outline of your relevant training and experience, to

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