Hypnotherapy Training Assessor


We need experienced therapists to help support our hypnotherapy course students through their studies. At present, we are looking for therapists who are able to mark students' test papers and to provide constructive feedback which will be returned to students.


Assessors should be able to work from their own home, office or other suitable location. They will be expected to read test papers as they are submitted (usually online but also by post) and to use Hypnotic World's tools to mark students' responses to questions according to the assessment criteria provided for each paper.

Successful applicants should be:

  • Fully qualified hypnotherapists with relevant accredited training
  • Experienced with a minimum of 3 years' practice working with clients

Previous training experience is an advantage but not a prerequisite for this position.


Assessors will be able to work on a flexible basis - often, test papers can be assessed from your home or office. An internet connection will need to be provided by the assessor.


Hypnotherapy training assessment can be expected to take 3-5 hours per week. Hours can vary from week to week according to the number of assessment submissions made by students.


Remuneration for this position will initially be offered on a performance basis. Successful applicants will be paid depending on the quantity of marking successfully completed.

Position Type

This is a freelance position open to applicants on a self-employed basis.

Apply for this Position

If you have the skills and experience to fulfil this role and join our motivated team, we want to hear from you! Please send your details, including the position that you would like to discuss and an outline of your relevant training and experience, to support@hypnoticworld.com.

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