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Communications Policy

Communications Summary

Communication is essential to the everyday functionality of Hypnotic World. This document aims to clarify Hypnotic World's approach to communications within our organization and externally, with customers, students and third party organizations.

Responsibilities by Role

Different staff roles carry different responsibilities with regards to communication:


Management staff will oversee staff whose responsibility is to communicate and address issues sent or referred to them.

Employees, Contractors

Employees and contractors (referred to in this document as collectively as “staff” and “staff members”) are responsible for communication between staff and third parties. Staff should ensure that all communication is carried out in an accurate, timely and polite manner. Where a staff member cannot address an issue, it should be referred to the appropriate staff member as soon as is possible.


Communication between students of the Professional Hypnotherapy Course and their course tutor often occurs on a regular basis as students make enquiries regarding the course material and submit assessments for marking and feedback. As the Professional Hypnotherapy Course is self-paced, students are not required to return assessment materials by a set date. However, we do encourage timely communication with your course tutor in order to ensure that any relevant guidance can be provided.

Communication Tone

All communication should be carried out in a constructive manner. The tone of communications should be polite and helpful.

Communication Channels

Our primary communication channels are as follows:


Face-to-face communication occurs primarily at events hosted by Hypnotic World and at training sessions.


Customers can contact Hypnotic World Support and course students can contact their personal tutor by telephone.

Email and Contact Form

As many customers place orders online, this is a significant channel of communication for Hypnotic World.

Social Media

Our presence on social media web sites means that we can communicate with customers via those sites, and that customers and users can contact us via those sites. Our main social media presences are on Facebook and Twitter, on which new product information is provided on a regular basis.


Newsletters are also a useful way of communicating with customers and keeping users up-to-date with news and events.

Communication Time Scales

Communications should be carried out in a timely manner as follows:

General Enquiries

General enquiries should be responded to where required. Such responses should be within a reasonable time scale that may be expected by recipients - 24 hours under normal circumstances. Where a case cannot be solved immediately, the recipient should be notified of the eventual expected time scale.

Assessment Submissions

Course assessment submissions include returned test papers, audio assessments and final examinations. Under normal circumstances, we expect a test paper to be marked and returned to the student within 2-3 days of receipt.

Data Protection Act

All communications should comply with the Data Protection Act and should respect users' privacy preferences.

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