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Using My Scripts

What is My Scripts?

As a Hypnotic World user, you can store, organize and edit and create hypnosis scripts using the My Scripts editor. From the editor, you can also download a permanent copy of a script, in a choice of file formats, which can be stored on your computer and accessed when you need it.

My Scripts includes the following features:

  • Organize and sort your script collection  - manage items using script folders and find a stored script using the inbuilt search function
  • Edit and access scripts anywhere - edit, print and download scripts using the script editor
  • Add an induction or deepener from the scripts collection, or insert customizable script snippets in your script in just a few clicks using the snippet browser
  • Easily find related scripts to complement your sessions and for follow-up sessions
  • Script discussions to share your feedback with other users

Accessing My Scripts

To access My Scripts, sign up to create a Hypnotic World account. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your account at https://www.hypnoticworld.com/sign-in
  2. From the top Account Tools navigation bar, click My Scripts > My Scripts
  3. The My Scripts overview page will list all of the items stored in your My Scripts storage

Saving, Organizing and Creating Scripts

To edit a script, from the My Scripts overview page (see Accessing My Scripts), click a specific script to open it in the online script editor.

Adding Scripts

To add a script from the Hypnotic World scripts collection, sign in and navigate the specific script. On the script page, click the Download Script button and then Save & Open in My Scripts to store the script in your account’s My Scripts folder and open it in the online editor.

You can also click New > Blank Script to add a custom script to your My Scripts collection.

Editing Scripts

To edit a script, navigate to the My Scripts overview page (see Accessing My Scripts) and click the title of the script that you want to modify. This will open the script in an online editor, which enables you to:

  • Edit the content and formatting of the script
  • Add script snippets, including inductions and deepeners from the Hypnotic World scripts collection, as well as customizable snippets, such as notes and pauses
  • Print or download the script to your computer or other device in a choice of PDF, Word Document and HTML file formats

Adding Inductions, Deepeners and Script Snippets

The My Scripts editor enables inductions, deepeners and other script snippets - such as pauses and placeholders for a client’s name - to be added in just a few clicks.

To browse the available script snippets, click the Snippets button in the top toolbar. Browse and preview snippets before adding them using the Insert button. This will add the snippet to your existing script.

Sidebar Features: Discussions, Related Scripts and Toggling

The left sidebar in the My Scripts editor offers a range of editing tools. Toggle between tool sections by clicking the title of the section. You can also toggle the sidebar using the Script Tools arrow button in the mid-right of the sidebar.

The sidebar includes the following sections:

  • Overview: View details and the author of the original script, and rate the script using the star rating tool
  • Discuss: View feedback from other users regarding the current script, and click Post Comment to start or contribute to the discussion
  • Insert Snippet: Add an induction or deepener from the hypnosis scripts library, or a different type of script snippet, to the current script
  • Similar Topics: View tags relating to the current script and click a tag to view scripts relating to the topic
  • Related Scripts: Browse scripts covering similar or related issues to the current item

Printing and Downloading Scripts

From the editor, you can print a script or save a copy of it to your computer in a choice of file formats.

Printing Scripts

To print a script, open the item in the My Scripts editor and choose File > Print  from the menu, or click the Print button in the toolbar.

Downloading and Saving Scripts

To download scripts from the My Script editor, click the Download dropdown button at the top of the editor and select a file format (PDF, Word document or HTML). This will save a permanent copy of the item to your computer or device in your browser’s default save location (usually the Downloads folder).

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