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How can I download an MP3 to my phone or tablet?

You can listen to purchased MP3s on your Internet-enabled phone or tablet by opening the order fulfilment email and following the instructions. However, to save MP3s without the need to re-download for each listen (e.g. on Apple® phones or tablets), follow the instructions below:

1) Download the MP3 from Hypnotic World to a computer with iTunes

2) Open iTunes™, click the File menu and choose "Add File to Library", and locate the MP3 on your computer.

3) Plug your MP3 player, phone or tablet in to the computer and wait for the device to appear in the left hand column of iTunes™.

2) Find the MP3 in your iTunes™ library and then drag it to the name of your device in the left column. This should copy the MP3 to your device.

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