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During therapy, it can be a good idea to check whether the subconscious mind has accepted the suggestions given.

One such method is to ask the subconscious to give the subject a date by which his/her problem will be resolved. For example, "...a date when you have achieved your goal weight, and are now the slim person of your desires."

Using ideomotor signalling, your subject will raise a finger when the date has come to mind.

Next, you would say:-

"Now project your mind to that date, the date that your subconscious mind has provided you with, when you are (slim/a non smoker/free from your fear, etc.)....and signal when you are there in your mind. Good, now see yourself as (...goal) notice how well you look and how good you feel.

Now from this vantage point you can look path and see the path that brought you to your goal. And as you do look back, you can see the challenges that you faced, and how you overcame them. You may do this on a subconscious level if you wish, but signal to me when you have evaluated all the steps that you took to achieving your goal."

When you receive the signal that your client has finished, then you know that the subconscious mind has accepted fully all suggestions/therapy, and your client can see the steps she took to achieving them. Bring her back to the present time before counting up, or proceeding with the rest of the session.

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