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Perfect Partnership

Perfect Partnership
Perfect partners (Photo by © EpicStockMedia - stock.adobe.com)

As you go deeper and deeper into relaxation you realize that one of your strongest desires - one of your most treasured wishes - is to love and be loved in return by a partner who will love you passionately and lovingly.

You realize that for this to happen you must feel the same feelings towards each other to make that perfect partnership.

Your subconscious develops a strategy for achievement by way of visualization - visualizing what you want to achieve - your main goals, to show your Subconscious what and how you want to be and what you want to achieve in this your perfect partnership.

Visualize now, by using an imaginary T.V. screen about 3 metres square, and project yourself and your partner as happy, relaxed, affectionate, loving people, showing all the loving emotional feelings towards each other.

Visualize yourselves hand in hand, looking lovingly into each others eyes, as you stroll along the sea shore, with the water lapping over your feet.

Feel the closeness, feel the love between you.

(Pause for 30 seconds whilst you feel this emotion).

There is a special screen and you can change the images with the dials at the bottom of the T.V. monitor, you can add extra love, extra confidence, you can change whatever other emotions you want to change.

Take a moment to do this - turn down the other dials to decrease the negative emotions and doubts - turn the negative dial until it is as low as it will go.

Work on this picture every day by taking just a few moments to focus with your imagination and amend the dials until you achieve the perfect picture.

Now let that picture fade slowly - take a deep breath and relax yourself even more.

Each day you find your subconscious guides you with new ideas on how to find your perfect partnership - ideas that you find easy to follow because they are in harmony with your desires and emotions.

Your subconscious brings forwards positive ways for you to decide which is the right way ahead for you.

Your mind is clear for decision making, allowing you to see all the options open to you - you are now thinking clearly and you find it easier to decide what other qualities you desire in your ideal partner - kindness, caring, thoughtfulness, tenderness and the ability for them to harmonize with your existing family and friends.

Once you have a clear picture of your ultimate goal, you can move on instead of backwards.

Your self confidence increasing day by day and you feel you can be selective in the people you are friendly with.

Your subconscious is now programmed for clearer thinking. You will be less vulnerable and less able to be hurt as you have been in the past.

You feel stronger now having lived through those hurtful experiences and you can trust your subconscious mind that only good and positive feelings will come forward to assist you in achieving your ultimate goal.

Day by day because of these new found feelings of positive strength, through your subconscious mind, you have greater respect for yourself and your own self worth and find it easier to cope with life in general, resulting in your future happiness with your perfect partner.

Sent in by Hypnotic World subscriber Christine Davies.  Christine is a Hypnotic World VERIFIED hypnotherapist.

If you would like to contact Christine you can email her at: hypnoteek@aol.com

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