Ideomotor Failure

Ideomotor Failure
Ideomotor signal failure (Photo by © yanmingzhang -

What to do if you're setting up ideomotor signals and your client fails to respond

Ideomotor signalling isn't always obvious to the hypnotherapist, however it is extremely rare that the client doesn't experience anything at all.

We recommend setting the signals up by asking the client to concentrate on all of the fingers and both the thumbs, whilst thinking in his mind the word 'yes' over and over again.  We then commence with suggestions that very soon, one of them will feel different to the others.  There may be a tingling sensation, a feeling of warmth or coolness, a lightness or twitching - it doesn't matter - just that they notice one finger (or thumb) that feels different.

When they notice this feeling they are instructed to allow it float gently up as a signal to us.  If the finger fails to move, it doesn't mean to say that your client isn't experiencing anything, just that the finger isn't moving.  So we continue by saying.

Nod your head if you can feel any sensation in any of those fingers that is different to the others?

Good, now this is a signal from your subconscious mind and whenever I ask a question and the answer is yes, your subconscious mind will respond by sending that same signal to your (name which one) finger. And when you notice this signal - and only when you can notice it - I want you to consciously lift that finger as a signal to me.

This procedure is repeated with the 'no' signal.

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