Facilitating Ideomotor Finger Signals

Facilitating Ideomotor Finger Signals
Finger signals (Photo by © yanmingzhang - stock.adobe.com)

Trance Induction, then as follows:-

Note, the word (problem) has been inserted into the text as a generalisation. The necessary verbalisation should be added as required, e.g. Anxiety, Stress, Pain etc.

1/ The inner part of your mind often knows what you've forgotten, or never even knew at a conscious level. So, you can let your fingers do the talking for you!

2/ Think and feel "Yes, Yes, Yes," and just wonder which finger on this hand (indicate to client which hand) will lift, all by itself to signal "Yes".

(If no reaction within a minute or so, continue with - "Sometimes it feels as if an invisible string was pulling it up".)

3/ Now, think and feel "No, No, No," until another finger on the same hand lifts to signal "No". (If no reaction within a minute or so, continue with "Really look deep inside yourself and imagine something you definitely do not want.)

4/ Sometimes, the inner mind is just not ready to let your conscious mind know something . So, let yourself wonder for a moment just which finger on the same hand will lift all by itself to signal "I'm not ready to know consciously yet"


A/1 Is there some past event responsible for your (problem).

(If the answer is "No" ask if there could be a "group of events")

A/2 Was it before you were X years old? Y years old? etc. (Until the relevant age is reached)

A/3 Take a look, and review carefully what's happening at this time. When you know for certain what it is, your "Yes" finger will lift, As it lifts, the memory will come up, and you'll be able to talk about it freely, at the same time remaining quite relaxed.


B/1 Now that you know this, can you be well, and rid of your (problem)? (If the answer is "No", further searching is required, so go back to "is there some past event etc.)

B/2 Is there anything else we need to know before you can be totally free of this problem? (If it is evident that the problem cannot be fully resolved at this time, find a date for a complete resolution as follows) :-

B/3 Let your inner mind give a yes signal when it's ready to pop the date of a complete resolution to your (problem) into your conscious mind.

Adapted from an original paradigm by E.L.Rossi

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Dan Elliott (Clinical Hypnotherapist)

February 2000

Dan Elliott is a Hypnotherapist in Queensland, Australia. He is also the 'Pacific Rim Representative' for Hypnotic World, as such he would be pleased to answer questions, by email or telephone if necessary, from anyone within his quarter of the globe relating to Hypnotic World data and courses. His telephone number and email address may be located at www.cqhypnosis.com.

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