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  "Recently your prosperity program was recommended to me by the top salesperson in our sales force. I found the listening experience very inspirational and motivating, and felt empowered beyond my greatest expectations. I had the feeling for the first time that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. I can honestly say that it's been a long time since I've woken up with so much energy and enthusiasm for the day!
     I don't know if I'm actually drawing prosperity into my life, but I do know that a more positive attitude has made me more effective in dealing with people, and so much good fortune has come to me so quickly! I am now quite comfortable working for one of the largest firms on Wall Street, and I know that I have a promising future."

D. B. - New Rochelle, New York

     "I have listened to other tapes in the past, but yours is the first one that gave me a glimpse into myself as I strive to be. Your amazing program Draw Prosperity has revitalized my outlook on life, and has helped me remove the veils, pitfalls and obstacles that kept me from achieving my full potential. I feel an exciting new self-confidence and courage, and feel that I'm finally evolving into the positive person I always wanted to be.
     It's interesting, even though I don't recall the words on the program, I've definitely experienced a boost of positive energy, and a new resourceful spirit. The program has sparked my imagination, and has proven to me to be a powerful catalyst; inspiring me to generate new ways I can provide better service than my competitors.
     I'm more excited about my business than I've ever been, and my enthusiasm seems to be catching! I've found it easier to get new clients, and my business is taking off at an accelerated rate. I'm beginning to gain a level of financial and personal freedom that till now, I only dreamed about. I expect to always live an abundant life with high energy!"

R. W. - Chicago, Illinois



Draw Prosperity into Your Life

If you were once mystified by some misconceived, misguided notions
that you were undeserving of prosperity...that riches were reserved for others...or even that you'll always experience limitations in your life -
now you can finally assert your birthright to savor the enriching life!


For even if you're not completely sure of your dreams of prosperity, doesn't your heart know these dreams are the real you?


So why not come home to a special, magical land - for isn't home where you bring your heart's dreams?


And in all the world is there not a more congenial spot for achieving
your dreams of prosperity - than the legendary city of Camelot!......
a world wide-open with new enriching possibilities!


Yes...venture within the deepest realms of your imagination to discover within...a magical kingdom - the creative place where all magic begins! Those veils of mystification, all those so-called limitations disappear!... For in Camelot the very air you breathe is radiant with positive belief!


Yes...sense a new openness to receive freely - all the abundance of a generous universe. For now you're providing just as freely what you most choose to do...now heeding your heart's direction to that ambition that thrives within you - that makes you feel most alive!


This is your quest: to realize the source of your enriching dream!
Yes...your quest to reveal - your own holy grail!


As you begin - perceive a new focus in your life - a new clarity of purpose.. For your magical source is now energizing and deeply instilling you
with your true aspiration - to finally actualize your life's potential!


Yes...your deeper mind is now mobilizing and releasing freely
all your imaginative and creative faculties - your enthusiasm
and confident energy leading you ever forward on your quest...


And as you provide freely your own productive service - sense the inner certainty that prosperity is your due - that prosperity is streaming
just as freely into your life!


This self-assurance is now a powerful attractive force - coursing out... outwardly into the universe and resonating with the universe's creative forces - drawing to you those people in tune with your needs -
and drawing to you just those fortuitous opportunitiesto transform your dreams of prosperity into your new reality!

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