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Slim-plicity Hypnosis MP3

The SLIM-PLICITY  program liberates inside you your magical Life Force - enlightening you with a truer, more authentic perception of yourself - in your best shape -  thinner, firmer, healthier - living with more energy - free to enjoy life, and food more than ever before!

Now you're naturally attracted to foods that are good for you - eating enough to satisfy your body's genuine needs - AND these healthy foods are MORE satisfying than ever before.

By replacing the emotional satisfaction food once seemed to provide - now in you own time - you can safely and sensibly reduce your weight - and stay in your best shape!

You just eat when you're hungry, and naturally stop when you're full, even when it's food you really like and would have overeaten before.

Allow the wonderfully hypnotic voice of Robert Seigal to guide you to achieve the shape and figure that you desire and allow your true slim self to emerge.

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