Make Your Dreams Come True Hypnosis MP3

If you've let so-called obstacles get the best of you, you can especially enjoy your confidence-boosting journey to the source of your dreams!

Follow in the seaward trail of that persevering hero of Greek legend -Odysseus! For the man whose ingenuity captured Troy - surmounted
life's most formidable obstacles to reach his own heart's dreams.

Venture through the land of the lotus-eaters - islanders who welcome
newcomers with a mind-altering food. For those who partake of this
"lotus flower" lose all longing for their heart's dreams - satisfied with
the everyday routine of bemused comfort and ease...

But resolutely focused on your dreams, deeply believed - like the hero
Odysseus - you are completely immune to the plant's power. For don't
you desire more than the familiar, secure routine? Don't you seek
to realize what make you feel fulfilled! actualize your true potential!

Yes, sense the renewed force in your demeanor...
a new commanding presence - the absolute assurance
you can live your life as you demand your life to be!

So as you resume your journey, steer your course clear - right through
those seeming turbulent, rough seas. For within you lies an indomitable spirit - your confident expectancy that you can do whatever necessary
to reach your dreams! "Obstacles" are simply challenges for you
to liberate freely all your solution-producing capabilities.

Confidently sail right by the island of the Sirens - melodious singers
who try to mystify mariners with their nay saying songs. For you know:
those long rhapsodies of "worldly" wisdom are really only a concoction
of misconceived, misleading notions. The intention: to lure sailors away
from their hearts' true destination.

On these very occasions, perceive your magical Life Force energizing you with renewed resolution. Your confident energy - like a potent force field - now shielding you from the nay-sayings of small-minded people and drawing to you instead - those more positive in mind!


Yes, drawing to you only those who provide support and encouragement - as you adventurously pursue your life's dreams!

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