Be Confident Hypnosis MP3

The BE CONFIDENT program summons forth the renewing Life Force inside you - enlightening you with a thoroughly wholesome self-image - shining through and vaporizing whatever has mystified, might have once limited you in the past. And your new confident beliefs so inviting... so magnetic... Sense a magical force inside fortifying you with tremendous resources of enthusiasm and optimism!

Now, any life-challenges are simply your invitation to become stronger and more resourceful in your solutions. Sure, like everyone else, you may make mistakes along the way - but these are your opportunities to learn more - hardly touching your fundamental core of inner belief!

For within you lies an indomitable spirit - the resolute... absolute faith that you are the predominant creator of your life... your confident energy drawing to you energy of a similar nature... drawing to you the very people and opportunities... to make your dreams your new reality!

Release the infinite magic within you - and make your dreams come true!

This hypnosis MP3 is part of the Magic Wizard MP3 collection, all of which are available to Hypnotic World members:

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