Recurring Dreams

Recurring Dreams
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I have re-occurring dreams which I have had from around the age of 8 or 9 years old, I'm now I my early forties the dreams remain fairly constant.

I can remember each part of the dream vividly, the dream may stay the same sometimes for a year or more and then a little bit more (never dreamed before) is added.

There are strange parallels in my life with my dream which make me believe I lived a previous life. The dream goes as follows:

I awake early morning having slept outside on a hammock or mattress, I'm fully dressed, leather boots, Khaki trousers leather jacket and scarf. I know I'm a fighter pilot and its towards the end of the war. I usually have to fly a mission, I have vivid clear images of a dog fight and I return safely back to base. Then things get a bit sketchy, I start to dream again. This time I'm in a smoke filled club or bar, I'm a charismatic character and I command an audience I think this is just after the war, I also occasionally sing or play an instrument, I know I drive a sports car and I'm influential and have money. Another dream takes me into a motor race around a banked circuit (The only one I have heard of in England is Brooklands) I win the race an enjoy the spoils.

Here's the strange parallel in my life, none of my family or family friends are connected with the motor sport or aviation industry yet. I had a strong compulsion from a young age to race cars, I didn't do this until I was 21 years old yet I competed successfully at regional, national and limited international levels.

Three years ago I had and felt a strong desire to learn to fly, I now have a pilots license, when I was learning to fly on my first lesson my instructor did not believe I had never flown before, I passed my test in the minimum 45 hours permitted (it takes most people 75 hour plus) I like 1920's music, I even know the words to many of the classic 1920's popular songs when I hear them.

I can Play a guitar and a little piano yet no one else in my family is musical.

I'm not afraid or disturbed by the dream, in fact I often have a desire to be there.

My question is: are dreams like this common and is there a meaning to them

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