Out of Body Experience Case History

By Roberta Boulton
Out of Body Experience Case History
Out of body experience (Photo by © kuzmichstudio - stock.adobe.com)

This account was sent into Hypnotic World by one of our valued visitors. All contributions are gratefully received.

I can say, hand on heart I have indeed experienced an OBD.

I had gone to bed and was just dropping off to sleep when suddenly I was lying on my mother's bed next to her while she slept.

The room seemed very bright and I clearly remember thinking, 'what on earth am I doing here', suddenly I felt a jolt and was back in my own bed.

I tried to reason this out and finally started dropping off to sleep again, and suddenly I was back in my mother's bedroom, this time I was standing and looking down at her, the room again, was very bright. I noticed that a white top cover was falling off the bed and I bent down to pick it up and put it back on but I couldn't get hold of it, my hands just went straight through, I started getting very agitated and again, with a jolt I was back in my own bed. Sleep wouldn't come, it was to real to be a dream so I made a mental note to ask my mother if she had a white top cover for her bed.

The next day I did just that and she said she hadn't got any white covers at all so I put it down to a very strange dream.

The following day she phoned me, yes she did have a white top cover, it was a thermal one she put on top of the duvet when she was cold and yes she had it on that night!!

The following week I had gone to bed and was nicely dropping off when I found myself sitting on a stairway looking down at my mother's house, my father who had passed on some 3 years previously was sitting next to me. He told me that he loved us and I told him the same, he asked me to look after my mum as she was going to be poorly and would need someone to look after her.

I woke up with a start, the dream was again to real to be a dream. I could feel and sense that I had sat next to my father on a stairway. My mother did get very poorly and did need a lot of looking after.

I have had no other experiences since then but it did change my outlook on life after death and decided to investigate the spirit world. I started by visiting spiritualist churches and joining psychic development circles.

All these events happened during a particularly nasty time in my life, I had got so low I really didn't want to go on living and every day was a dark and lonely road, I didn't want to get up in the morning and I didn't want to go to bed at night.

During my psychic development I grew stronger and stronger and now 3 years on I'm back to normal but much stronger than I have ever been, I have completed Reiki Master/Teacher and am currently training in Hypnotherapy which would have been furthest from my mind 3 years ago. To put it bluntly, death has saved me from death.

I hope you enjoyed my story, please feel free to print it if you want!

Kind Regards

Roberta Boulton

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