Divine Purpose

Divine Purpose
Regression (Photo by © Romolo Tavani - stock.adobe.com)

I am a registered nurse and am currently receiving my certification in hypnosis. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher. Thank you for the great website, I join two days ago and now know that I am on the right path of a hypnosis practice.

A few years back, I had two instances where two different friends had seen the Virgin Mary standing next to me during a reiki session. Then, I was contacted by the prophet Elisah in an automatic writing session who continues to guide me along the right path as well as the path the rest of the population should be following. In time, I will get the opportunity to write a book and speak to people on a large scale as he has requested. I have also been giving a gift of medical intuition which has proven quite valuable in my reiki practice as well as in the emergency department where I work.

Last year, I did a past life regression that I bought on CD. Apparently I had many lifetimes, but the most moving was when I pictured myself at approximately 10 years old, crying in a big courtyard, kneeling, dirty and poor. In this scene, there are many people behind me. Through an opening in the stone walls, walks a group of men, with the man I am guessing was Jesus walking in the middle of them. He walked over to me, put his hand on my head and repeated "Heal others as I have healed you." I stopped crying and smiled up at him. (Perhaps that is why I chose nursing as well as reiki?)

The importance of this note is I went for a Past Life Regression this past winter, one on one. The woman who did the session had a near death experience ten years ago and is very much an intuitive. When I sat in her chair to speak with her, she immediately asked the question "Who are you? I get the feeling that you were someone very prominent in the past. May I regress you?" Of course I agreed. WELL! I was regressed back to the crucifixion! I was standing below the crucifix, speaking up to Christ! The therapist tells me that my name was Catherine and that I was related to Mary Magdalene! That was the most moving moment of my entire life!

I know this sounds way out there but I do now have a much stronger connection than every before. I know that I have a purpose in this lifetime to heal people on a spiritual as well as physiological level.

I was guided to open a shop last fall where I have been given the opportunity to meet people who are in need of someone to chat with when they are feeling down, lonely or ill. We had no intention or plan on opening a shop, it was dropped in our laps.

The message of all this: Listen deeply, trust in a higher power and following the messages that you have been given. There is divine purpose to everything.

My last message from Elisah: "May those who walk in darkness, find their way in His Light"

Bright blessings!

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