Deja Vu

By Jade Bowers
Deja Vu
Memory from a past life (Photo by © Fernando CortÚs -

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Hi my name is Jade Bowers, my experience is really strange, for a long time I kept having the same dream of a young man dark hair, normal build ,and really handsome. I was married to him and life was excellent. we lived a long and happy life growing old together, we had 2 children but sadly he died before me.

I regularly woke in the night sobbing and crying - now to the strange bit- I was down town last year doing some shopping when my oldest son phoned me and asked where I was.  When I told him he told me to go near the TV shop and see if I could see the Parkinson show on ITV.

So i looked and there was a new group on the TV which are 4 tenors (opera singers).  When the camera was going to each individual person that was when I saw him - the young man out of my dreams. he was one of the tenors. the only difference was he was a bit taller, and a bit more broader around the shoulders. Straight away I got a strange feeling - it felt like nothing I have ever felt before.

It felt like I had known him all my life and my heart felt as though it was breaking just standing there watching him.  I know that  I will not meet him in this day and age but the weird thing is in my dreams I was 2 years older than him and the singer is 3 years younger than me now.


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