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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life
Tree of life (Photo by © Vera Kuttelvaserova - stock.adobe.com)

Although basically a regression intended for exploration of the present lifetime - it can be adapted for use with past life regression. Place a lit candle several feet or yards away from the subject and commence.

Focus your eyes on the candle over there and keep looking at the flame of the candle. Deep inside the flame of the candle you can see the essence of the flame - a tiny red or yellow spark - you can also notice a halo around the flame of the candle and see the melting candle wax around the flame.

Now watch very carefully and see how the melted wax begins to drip and as the candle wax drips down and down and down - feel yourself drifting down and down and deeper down. Deeper and deeper relaxed - more comfortable and more relaxed than you ever thought possible

As it burns the candle gradually becomes smaller but at first you hardly notice this. Then as the candle wax begins to drip - so the relaxation begins to melt all the way down the body... and you feel so wonderfully relaxed all over. Just relax every cell in your body and go deeper and deeper relaxed.

Now relax the eyes - let them feel heavy - so heavy - so comfortable and just so relaxed that its just too much effort to keep them open and you can let them close. Let the eyes close. Go deeper and deeper relaxed.

You're now feeling very comfortably relaxed all over, and I want you to try to open those eyes very slowly, try to open those eyes and through half opened eyes see the flame of the candle - it's still there - now close them again and go deeper still.

Imagine now a tree. This can be any tree you wish but it must be a tree - not a bush nor any other shrub, but a tree. The branches of the tree stretch up ahead of you, and the base of the tree is firmly fixed in the ground. This tree represents your life. The roots of the tree are your roots, the left hand side of the tree (if you are right handed) represents any negative events from your life, and the right hand side of the tree symbolises the positive factors in your life.

Now for each negative and each positive, a branch forms on the tree in the appropriate place. Some branches are longer or shorter, thicker or thinner, according to the impact the event had on your life. All I want you to do is see a picture of the tree in your mind.

Long pause.

As more and more things come to mind you can add them to your tree - then step back and view your tree as it really is. This is your tree - your Tree of Life. Is it leaning to one side or does it stand balanced and straight? As you look at your Tree you begin to understand the reasoning behind many of the important conditions of your life. The ones that matter. You can also put into perspective any negative factors involved and learn from past mistakes.

Focus on your Tree of Life for a few moments. (NOTE: This exercise can be repeated for past life regression - viewing all past life mistakes).

It's time to come back up now and bring back with you all the learnings that you've acquired so far.

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