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Soul Journey

Soul Journey
Soul journey (Photo by © rolffimages - stock.adobe.com)

I began my hypnosis practice with the specific intention of helping others go into their past lives through past life regression hypnosis. I consider a past life regression to be a truly "out of this world" experience where we enter another plane of existence that is outside of our three dimensional, earthly reality.

Located in Boca Raton and serving the Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach and surrounding Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach communities, the mission of the New Age Center For Hypnosis is to guide others into their past lives so they too can reach the depth of understanding available through this phenomenal journey.

Not only will the past life regression be very valuable from a spiritual perspective, but lessons and healing for the current lifetime will be gained, as well.

This article discusses my own personal past life regressions in detail and as I experienced them. I have written about my personal experiences in order to provide my readers and clients with some idea of what to expect during a past life regression. Of course, my own personal experiences may not be the same as others, but I believe based on my work with clients, that my past life regressions aptly illustrate the experience itself.

My journey to become a Certified Hypnotist and guide others into their past lives began when I attended a full day workshop given by Dr. Brian Weiss at the Broward Convention Center. Brian Weiss, author of many books on the topic of past life regression, and his most renowned book, "Many Lives, Many Masters", is someone whom I deeply admire for his vision and his gift and for telling all of us about it. When I first read "Many Lives, Many Masters", I was profoundly affected in an extremely positive and spiritual way by the book and the messages conveyed therein. Now, 13 years later, I would finally get my chance to regress to a past life or so I hoped it would happen.

Of course, there can never be a promise that a past life regression will occur, as I knew from attempting it in the past, without success. But I had full faith and confidence that Brian Weiss, if anyone, even in a group of almost 1,000 people, could get me there. So as we began the morning past life regression induction, with my soul permission intact, I closed my eyes, began the deep breathing. I listened to Brian Weiss guide the group through a progressive relaxation and, as I did, I relaxed my entire body from head to toes. At a certain point in the induction, we were then told to imagine a beautiful stairway, to imagine walking down the stairway and with every step we became deeper and deeper.

As we reached the bottom of the stairway, we entered a beautiful garden. From there, we were led to a door and told to open the door and go through it, to enter our past life. I imagined this door was very large and made out of solid brass. I imagined opening the door and walking through it and then found myself walking through a tunnel toward the light, as it was being described to us by Brian Weiss. Then there was this blinding light and when my eyes adjusted, I found myself walking on a beach. I could not make out whether I was a man or a woman but had a sense that I was wearing some sort of burlap material around me. As I found myself walking along the beach, I could hear the sound of sea gulls. With a sense of trepidation and, at the same time curiosity, I turned my head slightly to look back over my right shoulder and saw the front of a large boat or ship that was adorned with ornate painted carvings attached to the boat. I could tell this was an ancient vessel and that it was a very long time ago.

But before I could assess fully who I was and what I was viewing, I suddenly felt as if I was lifted from that spot and transported to a one room hovel that looked dark and empty, except for a simple wooden table in the middle of the room. The walls looked like they were made of mud. Then, as Brian Weiss said "Go to the most important event of this life" I now found myself looking on from a distance as if on a hill and could see a wedding scene. Although it was dark, I could see the white dress of the bride glowing in the dark. I could not see the details, such as who the groom was, but only that a wedding was happening and I knew I was the bride.

Next, Brian Weiss told us to go to the scene of our death and again I found myself back in the one room hovel. But this time I was lying in a bed and there were people all around the bed looking at me. I could see my husband standing on the other side of the room; he was a tall thin man with facial hair.

To my right, I could see two small children standing next to the bed. I looked at the little boy and thought it might be my brother in this current life, so I looked closer and I saw my brother as he looked when he was a child. As I realized I was dying and that these two small children were my children, I became very upset, as I could really feel the grief and heartache that this woman experienced so long ago of having to abandon them to the cruel world of their poverty stricken life. Then I died and it was over and I opened my eyes and wondered "What was that?"

We got a lunch break at that point. I left the Convention Center and as I walked outside I thought about whether that was my imagination or whether it was, in fact, a memory of a past life stored in my subconscious mind.

However, I do not think the memory is stored in the subconscious, I think it is stored in the soul of our being. Now what is especially unique about the past life experience is that you are in it completely as if you were truly in that particular space and time. It is not like any other memory you have had as it is clear, distinct, very vivid and colorful. It can also include other sensory stimuli such as taste, smell and sound in addition to the visual stimuli experienced during the past life regression. Which is why I think it is not a memory at all, but really a soul journey. It is our soul that guides us to the past life and in doing so also decides which past life we should regress to because it is our soul that knows what we need to learn from the past life regression.

In the afternoon, I opted to lie on the floor to see whether it might enhance the experience. During the morning session, I sat in a chair. So I chose my spot on the floor and rolled up my sweatshirt jacket into a pillow and laid down on the carpet.

As we began the session, I closed my eyes and after an induction similar to the morning we again were told to imagine a beautiful staircase and to go ahead and descend and with each descending step go deeper and deeper, which I did. We came to a beautiful garden at the bottom of the stairs and from there to a path that led to a large building where after several other visualizations, we came to a hallway with 6 doors that had dates on them.

As Brian Weiss said this, I immediately thought 1915, then 1850 as if I were supposed to pick the dates. But, then Brian Weiss said 1850 for the first door and as I heard him say the same date I had just thought to myself, I knew there was a significance to these two dates. So Brian Weiss dated each door and described the period in history for each of the five doors. As he did, I could see each of the doors, opening just a bit, and viewed a scene behind each of the doors. I also got a sense, even though I did not go through any of these five doors, that each one held a different past life of my soul.

We were told that for the sixth door we could chose the date and I knew I should go to 1915, the first date that came to me, and decided I would go through door 6 to 1915. I imagined myself walking through the door and, initially, I was blinded by this bright light then found myself in a long parlor, very nicely decorated, of my home in that lifetime. I could see the details quite vividly as if it were in real time. I could see the windows, the furniture, the knick knacks throughout the room, the light coming from the windows and the street outside. through the windows.

Brian Weiss told us to look at our feet and see what we were wearing, which is a commonly asked question during the past life regression. I knew even before I looked down, that I was wearing short black booties with a button on the side and as I looked at my feet, I confirmed this. Brian Weiss said, look at your hands and before I looked at my hands I knew I was wearing gloves and then saw the black lace gloves on my hands. I then noticed the full length gold silk dress I was wearing which was fitted at the bodice with a balloon type skirt. I noticed the black wide stripes that ran from the neckline to the bottom of the skirt. The details of my clothing and of the room were very real and extremely vivid and colorful.

I noticed there was a staircase to my right, and I decided to go upstairs to my bedroom and see what I looked like. I knew I would find a mirror in the bedroom. I began walking up the stairs and as I did, I could hear my dress rustling. I found myself in a room with a vanity against the wall, which was painted a light blue color and walked toward the mirror. I looked into the mirror and saw the woman I was in that lifetime. I noticed first the dark brown hair in a bun on my head which clearly surprised me, as I would never imagine myself with a bun on my head. I was very slender with a small waist and shorter than I am in this lifetime. I looked closer into the mirror to see my eyes and I could see they were a greenish color. "Were they the same eyes", I asked myself. Then Brian Weiss told us to look around to see if there were any people and I noticed a black woman in a long dress uniform standing at the door, who I knew was my servant. I noticed the two small children standing next to her and realized they were my children.

We were then told by Brian Weiss to go to our death scene right before we die, and I knew immediately before I found myself in the death scene, that I died in my bed and found myself lying in my bed in the room with the light blue walls. I could see people around the bed and noticed a beige cloth wrapped around my neck as I looked down. I then looked to my right and saw my two children standing near the bed. I felt detached from the scene not at all upset as I had been during the morning session when I was confronted with my death bed scene and became cognizant of my forlorn children. I could also see, standing at the opposite end of the room, a tall thin man with facial hair whom I knew was my husband in that lifetime. He seemed distant from me as I noticed he was not by my side just as my husband in the morning past life regression. It was then over and I opened my eyes and was back in the room at the Convention Center where the workshop was being held, although I never actually left.

Again, as with the morning regression, at first I wondered if it was my imagination. But later, I realized the two past lives were parallel lives, as I died a young woman who was the mother of two small children and had a husband that seemed very distant and also very similar looking if not identical, in both lives.

Although the morning regression took me to a life of poverty a long time ago, perhaps Europe as the people were Caucasian, while in the afternoon I had a very nice home, a servant, beautiful clothing and lived in the U.S., I realized over the course of the next several days that these past life regressions were not of my imagination, but truly a glimpse of my past lives. The parallel of the two existences was clear to me and so was the lesson I learned from the past life regressions, namely, that I had had children before this lifetime and that I had made a decision before I incarnated into this lifetime that I would not be a mother in this lifetime, maybe because I had another purpose for being here and because of the grief of the past lifetimes where I had to leave my children when I died. So for me, this was truly an epiphany in terms of understanding the reason why I never did have children in this lifetime and for dealing with that loss in this lifetime, the loss of the family I never had.

I will also say that in viewing the experience of the past life regression, when you find yourself in the body of your past life self surrounded by the physical location of that lifetime, whether it be a home that you lived in, or the outdoors, you are in it and it is all around you. It is not at all like a memory you would recall in your mind's eye. It is really a level of consciousness that is experienced in this other time and place. At the same time, you are also in the place where you are undergoing the past life regression in the current lifetime and are fully aware of that consciousness as well. When I was in my past life regressions, I knew the entire time that I was also in the Broward Convention Center in a room with close to 1,000 other people, that I was Ginny Goldman, and that I was having this experience in my mind at the very same time. So to be sure there are two separate levels of consciousness occurring at the same time, the consciousness of the past life time and of the current life.

No matter what your purpose for wanting to experience your past life regression, you will invariably receive knowledge, understanding, acceptance and healing in this lifetime, from the past life regression. It will have meaning for this lifetime; it will help you in this lifetime. If you wonder whether it was imagination, look at the message or lesson of that lifetime and when you realize the profoundness of that lesson, you will know in your heart that you were, indeed, taken on a journey by your soul.

Account submitted by Ginny New Age Centre for Hypnosis

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