Train to become a Past Life Regression Therapist

Train to become a Past Life Regression Therapist
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Train to become a Past Life Regression Therapist with Hypnotic World

Add another string to your bow by specializing in Past Life Therapy.

Why should you want to become a Past Life Therapist?

Many people are interested in the subject of regression and past life and look towards it for the answers to problems that they are experiencing in their life.

Some are just driven to it by curiosity - others experience other phenomenon such as deja vu, recurring dreams, spontaneous recall - to name just a few - but finding someone to help them to discover the meaning behind these experiences is often difficult because many hypnotherapists refuse to use past life therapy in their practice.

The fact is, there are stranger things on heaven and earth

In a universe of unknowns, how can you be sure you're right?

In a galaxy of miracles, how can you not wish to be sure?

Is going back the way forward for your clients.

Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy now offers full training in Past Life Therapy, using various techniques such as dream recall, hypnosis, Christos Technique, Chevreul's Pendulum and Karmic influences.

Does the collective unconsciousness really exist?

Can regression cure repression? Maybe...

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