Psychic Drawing

Psychic Drawing
Drawing (Photo by © atsurkan -

The idea of psychic drawing in this way, came to me in a dream. A few days later I found myself re-enacting my dream with a client and discovered a new method of past life expression.

You don't need any artistic tendencies for this exercise so don't worry if you think you can't draw. Everyone is able to draw and whether you consider your artwork to be good or bad is of little consequence. After all we're looking for expression and we all express ourselves differently. No one is any better or worse than anyone else - just different.

I often find that when I am hypnotizing someone I tend to go into a light trance myself. This helps me to pace my suggestions and to empathize with my client and with some clients we develop telepathic communication. Many first time clients tell me that they knew exactly what I was going to say, even before I said it. They're already doing in their mind, what I've not yet asked them to do (but what I will ask them in a few seconds).

Being a natural doodler, one day I began to draw a portrait of my subject. I wasn't concentrating on the doodle but it turned out to be a reasonable likeness. The drawing itself didn't take all that long to complete, so after a few minutes I started on another drawing, this time not of my subject, but of the doodle I'd done of my subject.

To my surprise the sketch turned out to be completely different to the one I'd already done of the client and because my mind was also very relaxed (I was in rapport with the client) - several images and thoughts began to associate themselves to the drawing. For example a name appeared to me, out of the blue. I ascribed this name to the new sketch. Then places, more names, geographical locations, costumes, messages, impressions, I somehow KNEW that we were tapping into Jung's Collective Unconscious and that these were images from the past, perhaps of the client I was now with.

Another variation of this method is to give the client a pencil and paper and suggest that he or wish will have a strong desire to draw, at a given signal. You can instruct the client to draw him or herself as he or she remembers himself (at the subconscious level), from a previous existence.

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