Journey of a Soul?

By Paul Roberts
Journey of a Soul?
Poem (Photo by © Reiulf Grønnevik -

Semiconsciously I Dream......
Of places that I'm sure I've been?
Of places where I've lived before?
Of times of peace and times of war !
Confusing visions flicker fast,
Revealing hints towards my past.
As mixed up memories emerge,
The happy and the sad converge.
Partners, families, roles I've played,
Lives I've taken, lives I've saved.
The different bodies I have used,
The lands I've roamed and waters cruised.
- But do these images, of times long gone,
Prove that my own soul lives on?
Will it live to occupy another?
A whole new life, a brand new lover?
Is there truth in what I've seen?
Or are they products of my dream?
When the Reaper comes and I see the light,
I'll hope and pray my dreams were right......

Paul Roberts © 29th September 97

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