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Path of Life

The Path of Life is a journey through the present life into the past. The subject is guided along the Path and as the answers to the questions pop into her mind; she can respond immediately or discuss the impressions that come to her on completion of the exercise. This journey is rich in symbolism and these will be discussed at the end of the journey....

Completely relax the body, let it feel heavy and comfortable. Empty the mind of trivial thoughts and listen to my voice. I want you to visualize the scene I describe and I will ask you questions about it on the way. Make a mental note of your impressions and we can talk about them when you wish.

Okay, to begin with, you are walking along a path. The path stretches endlessly in front of you. I want you to notice the path upon which you tread, and notice whether it is a smooth path or a rough and bumpy one, and is it wide or narrow?

And what sort of a day is it? Clear blue skies or heavy clouds? Strong wind or light breeze? Is it daytime or evening? How are your steps , do you tread lightly or with a heavy heart?

On the path in front of you appears an obstacle. See the obstacle in your mind, blocking your way, blocking where you are going. How big is this obstacle to you? I want you to see how you overcome this block. What do you do? Walk around? Step over it? Push or roll it away? Or do you find some other way of overcoming this obstacle?

Okay, now continue along the path. It's a long road and you're alone, this is your journey. Ahead of you is a forest and you are approaching this forest cautiously. Another path runs through the densest part of the forest, this is a short cut to the other side. Or the path you are currently on skirts around the edge of the forest but will take you twice as long to reach the other side? Which path do you take? How do you feel as you go further?

(Pause for a while to allow this part of the mental journey to be completed).

You are now safely at the other side of the forest and a long stream runs down from the hillside, not far in front of you. Take a look at the stream and see for yourself, is it clean and fresh water? Is it shallow? Or are the waters deep and murky, and how will you cross the stream at its widest part?

Now you have crossed the stream and reached the grass bank at the other side. How easy is it for you to reach the top of the bank? Back now, on the path again, follow the path for a while.

In front of you is a very high wall. Now where do you go? What do you do? Can you get over the wall? If so, how? Climb? Jump? Any other way? Do you WANT to cross the wall? What do you see on the other side? Describe now, to me, what you see.

Look down, see your feet. Do you have footwear on your feet? What are the feet like? Old and wrinkle or young and smooth? Let your eyes travel up the body and notice this person who was you? Male? Female? What colour skin? Notice the clothes and the hairstyle and anything else about this person. What are you doing? Look around at the scene, where are you? Do you recognize anyone or anything? Where do you want to go?

You feel drawn towards a certain place. See or sense yourself back there, going into your own home, where you live in this other lifetime. Notice the dwelling place and enter now. What do you see? Describe any furnishings, anything on the walls, the ceiling, the floor. From what era do you feel this is? Do you know your name? What is your name? How old are you? What is your address? If these answers don't come to you immediately, find another person in your dwelling and ask the questions, after me. Listen for the answers. See the other members of your household (if any) and notice what they do.

It could be time to go to work. If so, prepare yourself, and notice what you do. Are you alone in this life or do you have family? Friends? What is your employment? See yourself at your place of work.

Now rest awhile and breathe. Breathe slowly and deeply, calmly and gently. Follow this life up until its conclusion and see how this life ends. Step back from the situation and view as though you're watching from afar. You're curious, wondering how life ended, here.

Now Step Into The Light. The beautiful, bright, white light, and feel the cleansing properties as they calm and soothe. Be in The Light. Let The Light be in you. For you are The Light. Within and without.

Now re-orient yourself back to the present situation, here and now. Open your eyes and take a deep, deep, breath. Feeling so wonderful, so relaxed, as though you've had a really wonderful sleep.


When you come to discuss this experience with the subject, be prepared to interpret the symbolic content. Beginning with the path. Is it rough or smooth? Wide or narrow? Clearly a smooth path indicates that the present life runs smoothly, and a rough one could indicate problems or a difficult life. A narrow road refers to the experiences that a person has had, lacking the opportunity to spread her wings she lives a narrow, restricted life. A wide path is freer life, but hopeful not too wide that no boundaries are sensed.

What about the obstacle? The size and shape is not as relevant as how the subject manages to overcome the obstacle. This reflects how she copes with problems in real life. Are there any really creative ways of passing by the boulder? Climbing over the boulder means that problems aren't always dealt with successfully. Issues often remain unresolved. Pushing the boulder away can indicate a tidier mind, but beware for hidden anxieties could crop up from time to time. Perhaps the subject chips away constantly at the boulder? Like someone in a safe, secure job, who never takes a risk.

And then the forest. Does your friend skirt around the forest, taking a long time without a risk? Or does she hurtle headlong into a ferocious place or time. Going through the forest could indicate hidden dangers. Are you prepared?

How does she find the stream? The stream represents a woman's sexuality, so a deep and murky stream could represent past experiences in this area. A fresh, shallow stream can indicate fidelity. How easy is it to climb the bank? Easy enough to 'get back on track' when necessary?? And are there any tiny black fish in the stream? Perhaps a symbol of fertility.

Can your subject overcome the wall? Does she even WANT to scale the wall? What sort of resistance is there? The wall (in case you didn't know) is the end of this life. Some subjects find it impossible to see anything beyond and this would indicate blocks to be overcome before a 'past life' can be viewed. Here, the symbolism more or less ends as the subject is already guided back, speaks about whatever comes to mind, hopefully describing this previous life.

Again, Stepping Into The Light, protects the subject before returning to the present time.

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