Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences
Out of body experience (Photo by © sezer66 - stock.adobe.com)
This is not strictly a past life regression script, however a little big of imagination tagged onto the end of it, will help you to make it into one.

Your subject is lying down for this experiment. Body is relaxed and responsive to suggestions. Soft music plays in the background and a gentle voice directs the subject to be in touch with her body, as she feels the relaxation flowing down through her body.

And as the body begins to feel warm and comfortable - just imagine that you can rise above your body and float right up to the ceiling. Just float all the way up to the ceiling and back to your body again and imagine sinking deeper and deeper down into a calm and peaceful sort of feeling - a calm and peaceful sort of feeling.

And again, float up and out of the body - up to the ceiling, and imagine you can turn around and look down at your body lying there - so still - so calm - so relaxed. You can look down and see yourself - and notice perhaps - a delicate silver cord from your physical body - leading up to your ethereal self - the cord is attached to your physical body and your ethereal self - and the cord itself has the ability to stretch as far as it needs - it also has the ability to shrink as small as it needs to. So know that at all times you are safe, you are secure, you are comfortable.

Imagine now that you are standing outside the door to this room. You are on the other side of the door - the door that leads from the outside, into the inside, where your physical body lies, so still, so calm, so relaxed.

As you gaze at the door - notice the door in every detail. What is it made of? What colour is it? What sort of handle? How big? Is there a lock? Notice the door, in every detail. And know that at all times you are safe, you are secure, you are comfortable

Now move around the room. Look at items here in this room where you are. Your ethereal self. Notice the furnishings, the colours, the walls, the floor, the ceiling, any people here and what they are doing? Anything else here in this room. And know that at all times you are safe, you are secure, you are comfortable.

Discover that your spirit body can move through solid matter like doors and walls with no effort at all. And find yourself outside on a warm summer night in nature. Listen to the stars - watch the sound of a gentle breeze - hear the flowers and plants whispering to each other - smell the effect of the relaxation in your body - allow yourself to float up - over and above the room where you were - up into the late evening sky - above the cloud formations into the heaven above. Look down at the earth below and notice how small and insignificant it all seems. You're floating higher and higher and higher. And know that at all times you are safe, you are secure, you are comfortable. And feel yourself been drawn up into space with the stars and comets and spirals of light purple and pale blue dust - and go higher and higher and higher.

Pause here for three minutes.

It's time to return to your physical self. Become aware of certain sensations in the body and feel yourself whizzing and whirling ever so quickly and smoothly back to that other you. And know that at all times you are safe, you are secure, you are comfortable.

Now feel yourself being reluctantly drawn back to the physical self. Your body is heavy as lead. But in a moment when I count up to five you'll find normal sensations returning to your body. You'll be wide awake, refreshed and relaxed and ready to get on with your business of living.


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