From The Titanic to the Olympic

By Andy Moore
From The Titanic to the Olympic
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Andy Moore

Past Life Regression Session on 30th June 2004

A 30 year old, male, subject who lives with wife and family in Lincolnshire and for the most of his life he as believed that he may have lived in a past life possibly on the Titanic Ship, this is because of some dreams and indeed other occurrences during his life time and his experiences where more greater or so, over the past few years and he now wishes to use hypnosis to help him found out the truth.

Used a progressive relaxation type of induction /deepening and a past life regression script from Hypnotic World during which the following conversation (Q & A's) took place between my self and the subject who spoke in a soft Irish accent.

Q) (AM) Are you male or female?

A) (SUB) Male

Q) How old are you?

A) Twenty five

Q) What is your name?

A) Thomas

Q) What is your surname?

A) (Subject remained silent)

Q) Where do you live?

A) Ireland

Q) What year is it?

A) 1901

Q) Where are you?

A) Sat in house, in front of fire, getting warm, it's so cold

Q) Who is with you?

A) Nobody

Q) Are you happy?

A) Yes, just cold, getting warm now, I can feel my legs

Q) What is your occupation?

A) Shipbuilder

Q) Where?

A) Belfast

Q) Are you the owner?

A) No, just a builder

Q) Are there any others with you?

A) Thousands of us

Q) I want you to let your mind go forward now, to the end of this life time and tell me how your life ends?

A) Accident on site at work, scaffold collapsed.

Q) How old are you?

A) Thirty four, five

Q) What were you working on at the time?

A) This ship is big

Q) What is it called?

A) The Olympic, the biggest ship ever

Q) Are you alone or is your family or someone else there?

A) My friends

Q) Do you have any regrets?

A) Not getting a woman

Q) Have you heard of the Titanic?

A) No, never heard of it, it doesn't exist

Q) What is your surname Thomas?

A) Moore

Q) How do you spell that?

A) M, O, O, R, E

Q) Were you happy in this life time?

A) Yes

The subject was then brought back to present time and hypnosis was then terminated and he was left feeling calm, relaxed and confident.

My comments about the session:

A very good Past Life Regression during which the subject regressed back to 1901 a 25 year old male called Thomas Moore /Born in 1876 a Shipbuilder in Belfast Ireland / Cause of death in 1910 or 1911 at the age of 34 or 35 years was an accident, scaffold collapsed whilst working on The Olympic Ship in Belfast.

The subject at some stage will be searching the Personal Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) for any records relating to Thomas Moore.

I sincerely hope that you find this case of some interest to you and if you would like any more information. Then, please do not hesitate to contact by email at

Warmest Regards

Andy Moore

Hypnotherapist & Past Life Regressionist

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