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Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness
Higher consciousness (Photo by © crazymedia - stock.adobe.com)

Begin with your favorite induction and deepener from Hypnotic World.

Tune in to your higher consciousness by focusing your mind on an imaginary silver point about one metre above your head. Sit, with your feet flat on the ground and your hands resting, palm upwards, on your lap, eyelids closed.

Visualise a beautiful violet cone of light streaming out of your head up to the imaginary silver point and experience all of your mental energy being drawn up with the light, towards the silver point.

Now imagine that everything about you is at that point of awareness. From that one point, you see everything. The point has many facets and you can move around it and look out at your world. You can reflect outward like a crystal and the aspects that you see are crystal clear.

Imagine the warm sunlight reflecting onto your crystal, creating a rainbow of colours. Now you are the sunlight. You are being drawn higher and higher. You are the sun that reflects onto your crystal that sends down a beam of violet light to your self.

Up here, you aware that your thoughts are doing the thinking, not you. Your mind sometimes entertains a single thought, at other times there may be a variety of thought forms drifting in and out of your mind - but your mind is not you - at this moment in time your mind is not even a part of you - your thoughts are separate from your physical body.

Now see the violet beam of light dissolving - the crystal, however, is still there. One crystal with many sides, many facets, many aspects. You are acutely aware that there is just one. See the number one, one single entity - this pure thought form, with many sides, many facets, many aspects.

Up here, you are that one entity - because you are one - and it is one - and all is one. One. Focus on the word one. The number one. The highest form of spirit is one and you are part of one.

I want you now to imagine a sound. A single sound. The sounds of the Universe and all Creation are incorporated into One here. One sound, one tune, one word, one.

Remain in this state of Oneness for several minutes.

As you look down onto the many facets of the crystal you can focus your mind one particular era from the many lives that you have lived before - see yourself as you were then - young or old - man or woman - or perhaps something totally different.

When you have this image clearly in your mind - allow your conscious energy to move towards this other you - and experience your life as it was then. Look around you first and notice all your surroundings - perhaps you were drawn to a particular time in history or maybe you moved to a future life - you can see everything here that you need to see - it's almost as though you are watching yourself but experiencing yourself both at the same time.

There may be questions you wish to ask of yourself - such as - what is my name - why am I here - what is my purpose in this life - am I happy or sad - and the answers to any questions that you have will spontaneously spring to mind. Don't question how you know - just accept the responses that are given to you.

You may wish to move further through this life - to experience yourself as five or ten years older - or younger - and notice how the jigsaw begins to fit together - a multi dimensional jigsaw with so many facets - just like the crystal you saw.

And in hypnosis we can lose all perception of time - a lifetime can flash by in seconds or a second can seem like a film in slow motion.

I'll be quiet now for a few moments in time. If you wish to speak out then please do - otherwise see and feel and experience it all clearly at a higher level. And when you next hear my voice you will know that this experience happened to you for a reason - and that reason becomes crystal clear.

(Pause for two minutes).

When you are ready to return, visualise the violet light again and gently open your eyes.

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