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The Hidden Files

The Hidden Files
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Sit or lie in a comfortable position and begin by stretching your whole body as far as you can, then let it go, let it relax. And take some long, slow, deep breaths. Breathe slowly and deeply and evenly and when you exhale, let go of all the tension in your body.

And relax the mind. Imagine yourself looking up into a night sky - watching a single, solitary silver star. In the night sky is this one, single, solitary, silver star, and it's twinkling away in the night sky and it seems to be twinkling just for you.

Keep watching that one, single, solitary, silver star and notice how it seems to be coming nearer and nearer to you. This one, single, solitary, silver star is coming nearer and nearer and nearer to you, all the time. And your eyes are fixed on this one, single, solitary, silver star as it draws nearer and nearer and nearer to y ou.

And as it draws nearer and nearer to you, you find yourself becoming sleepier and sleepier as your eyes become heavier and heavier. Heavier and heavier, sleepier and sleepier, as the star twinkles at you.

When your eyes are ready, just let them go. Let them close. There's no need to use up all that effort by keeping them open. Just let them close and feel heavy, so relaxed.

Now imagine yourself at the beginning of a very long corridor and you're just setting out on a long journey. On either side of the corridor are doors. Some are open wide, some are closed, one or two are ajar. At the end of the corridor is a T junction so you'll have to choose whether to go left, or whether to go right, but right now you're just setting off, down the corridor.

On some of the walls are paintings, other walls are bare. You're here, walking down the corridor, looking for clues, like Sherlock Holmes. You're curious about your past life and you're searching for something - anything - that will trigger off a significant memory for you.

Walk down the corridor now, and soon you come to a door. This door is different somehow o the others. It's not the colour of the door, or what it's made from. It feels right somehow and you try the door. The door opens for you.
You enter the room and to your surprise it's just an empty room. The only thing it contains is a gray filing cabinet and a window.. You walk over to the filing cabinet and try the drawers.

One of the drawers is stiff but the others pull out quite smoothly. Look through the drawers. What do you see?

Discuss with client what is seen in the drawers.

You've come here tonight to learn more about your past life existence's (and to resolve your problem)- in one of the drawers are some files, which I want you to locate. Nod your head when you've found the files.

Wait for a response.

Okay take the files out one by one until you find one file which contains something significant - some papers perhaps - or photographs or pictures. Let me know when you've found it.

Look through the papers - remember to look on the back as well - you're looking for a clue, some memory from the past - take out each paper and look very carefully. It may contain just one word or one sentence or there could be pictures or photographs - a name perhaps - something will come to mind. Let me know when you have it there, then we can discuss it.

Wait a few minutes and if you get no response, continue with . .

I'm going to count to three and then I will snap my fingers. When I snap my fingers something will come into your mind, a word, a name, a thought, an idea, a memory. One, two, three. . . .
SNAP. . .Now tell me the first thing that comes into your mind.

Client will usually have a word come to mind. You can link and connect this to another memory and explore the meaning either during or after hypnosis.

In a few moments I'm going to count to three. At the count of three you will be wide awake. You will remember everything that has happened and you will continue to remember things associated to these memories over the next few days.

One, two three. Eyes open, wide awake.

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