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Going Home

Going Home
Door of house (Photo by © mubus - stock.adobe.com)

We're going home now with this regression, back to the roots. Use any induction you wish, then:

I want you to orient your mind back to your very first day at school. Remember how you felt that day as you got ready to go to school - probably feeling very important and grown up as this was an enormous step for you to take - away from the care of those who had been with you for the whole of your young life - into the midst of complete strangers and a huge building.

I wonder if you can remember what you wore that first day? And do you remember your first teacher and how the classroom looked. Sets of tables with four chairs perhaps? Maybe there are toys or puzzles set out on tables, a toy corner with a mini cooker and pots and pans? A book corner where the teacher or another helper reads stories to those willing ears? Perhaps you cried a bit at first that day? You weren't alone if you did, I'm sure. And all those other children there - some bigger and braver than you no doubt. How did you learn to play with them?

Do you remember drinking milk out of a small bottle with a yellow or green straw? Were you lucky enough to have a biscuit with your milk? Were you there for a full day or just a morning or an afternoon? Remember it now.

And how about the first house that you remember living in. See yourself back there, as a small child once again. Your legs and arms are very short, so short in fact that you have to climb a stool if you want to reach the taps or turn on the light. I want you to really imagine yourself back there in the house. Remember your bedroom with all your favourite things in it, the window and the view into the street or the garden. Sit on your bed again and I wonder where you put your stocking on Christmas Eve? And how excited were you on that night? Remember being 'tucked in' at night by your mother or another caring adult

Remember your favourite toy at that time, what's your favourite food or drink? Your best friend's name - and which person did you like least? Remember going out to play with the other children in the street or park or at their house? And bringing children back to play at your house - the games you used to play, inventing, creating, acting, all the childhood things.

And now go further back in time until you are a tiny baby once again - feeling warmth and feeling fed. Feeling wanted, cherished. How was it for you? And go way, way back now, unborn, still warm, floating in a sea of amniotic fluid - and hear the regular thumping, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. . .stretching endlessly, to remind you that you're safe . . .(Pause now, or use heartbeat music for 3 minutes) . . . and NOW you're going further back, before time for you, as you are now, begun. For a while there's nothing there. Nothing, just a vacuum - empty - but in the distance, far away, you see a shadow appearing. And as the nothing that you are, at this time, drifts back through time, that shadow becomes clearer, sharper, becoming more focused.

And its almost as though you're watching on a screen. The screen of Life. You instinctively know that what you see, was you, in whatever form it takes. And all I want you to do is watch. Don't become involved, don't get too close, just watch from afar, like a curious but somewhat detached observer. See what happens. What, or who, are you? The details are becoming so sharp and clear now, crystal clear. You know EXACTLY what or who you are? In a split second you know everything about life, the universe and all creation. You know. Now that split second can last much longer in hypnosis. That knowledge is yours, and even though you won't remember later, when you awaken, the knowledge is there, deep inside you, and will help you from now on, to rebuild your life in the most positive way possible.

I'm going to ask you some questions now. You can answer me out loud or just know the answers in your head. If you answer out loud you will do so without rousing from the hypnotic state, and the sound of your own voice will take you even deeper into hypnosis.

(Here are some possible questions you could ask).

Listen carefully now, tell me where you are - wait for response.

What is your name?

How old are you?

What part of the world do you live in?

Are you married? What is your wife/husband's name?

Do you have children?

What are you doing?

What are you wearing?

What year is it?

Who is the king or queen (or president)

Where do you live? A house? An apartment? A hut? (Etc)

Would you like to go home?

(If yes . . .) Okay, go home. Describe your house. Go into each room and tell me what you see.

Do you wish to do/go anywhere?

Would you like to see how this life ended?

Okay, go forward until it's time to die. You won't be afraid because you know this is just a memory.

What do you see? How did it end? Were you alone? In pain?

What lesson did you learn in this life?

Now visualize yourself in a long dark tunnel. If you can't visualize, just imagine, feel or sense yourself here. It's a large tunnel with plenty of space and at the end of the tunnel is a small, white light. You are floating headlong through this tunnel, speeding towards the white light. It is somewhat cold, but that doesn't bother you for you know that you are safe. And as you move down through the tunnel you draw closer and closer to the white light, and as you draw closer and closer to the white light, the white light becomes bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter, bigger and bigger, brighter and whiter, until you are right up to the bright, white light, the bright, white light just in front of you. You are no longer floating, you are standing, but if feels as though you're stepping on soft, fluffy clouds which gradually evaporate into the path upon which you stand. Now, I will count to three, and at the count of three I want you to Step Into The Light.

One. Two. Three. (Pause).

You are now standing In The Light. It is a pure, white light. Feel the light streaming down through the crown of your head. Feel the white light being drawn downwards, through the body, the head, the neck, the shoulders and arms, the chest, the stomach and thighs and legs and feet. The beautiful bright white light is in you. You are In The Light. You are The Light.

The Light is Love and You are The Light. You are Love. You are protected by your own positive psychic energy field. Your beautiful white Light. You are In The Light and The Light is in you.

Feel the white light cleansing your whole body, your whole mind and your spirit. Feel the beautiful white light lifting away any impure thoughts or feelings. Feel the healing energy of the white light. This is your light. You are the light. You are protected by your own positive psychic energy, your light, your beautiful bright, white light.

I'm going to count to five now and at the count of five you will be fully awake, alert and refreshed. You will continue to benefit from this experience, remembering all that you need to remember right now, and feeling the healing energy if your life.

One. Two. Three. Four. Nearly there now, eyelids opening. Five.

Wide awake.

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