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Crystal Revelation

Crystal Revelation
Crystal (Photo by © Warakorn - stock.adobe.com)

This is a creative visualisation designed to amplify the power of crystals to focalize the mind. If you're into crystal healing at all you can surround yourself with appropriate crystals or use one to meditate on whilst you go into hypnosis. If you're doing this yourself, record the script below into a cassette or onto a CD and play it back to yourself when you're ready. Sit in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the floor and your hands faced palm upwards on your lap, ensure that your head is well supported and mentally prepare yourself to receive the energies from the crystal kingdom.

Focus your mind now on a particular crystal and as you gaze into the crystal be aware of the beautiful colours reflected from within. And relax your body. Really relax your whole body. From the top of your head, all the way down, to the tips of the toes. Until every nerve, every cell, every sinew of your being is totally and completely relaxed.

Keep your eyes focused on the crystal and are you aware that this particular crystal has been in existence, in one form or another, since time began?

Imagine. The big bang. Millions of years ago. Fragments flying through time and space. Lying dormant in a tiny alcove thousands of miles away. Even the air that breathed onto the crystal, existed so long ago. Think of that particular crystal as being immortal. Its only a thought - but how new are your thoughts? Where do they come from? Did they too exist long ago? Every cell of your physical body is made up of atoms and those atoms also existed at the beginning of time.

So you might also think of yourself as being immortal. Life goes on. Where did life come from? How many times have you travelled this path? Do you ever feel weary? Or are you fresh and alert and ready for every challenge that comes your way?

Think of how and who you are now. Are you the same person you were twenty years ago? Each cell in your body has been replaced, so what happened to the old ones? Where did they go? And your mind - do you realize that your thoughts are changing constantly, all the time, ever more?

And even before you were born this time. You existed. Where did you exist? What were you? How did you look? How did you think? Were you human, as you are now, or something different? Perhaps a tree, or a rock, or a crystal even.

Imagine yourself as a crystal now. Sitting up there. Being looked at, meditated upon. You have seen it all, you've been here a long, long time. You've seen the impact of individual lives, what effect have they had on your world? You've seen it changing from stone age to iron age to modern times - and this particular life that you're looking beyond - the spirit within the human form - you've seen before.

And as you see this person sitting there - hands turned upwards, feet flat on the floor - receiving energy from the earth through the feet and energy from the air through the palms of the hands - and sitting here so quiet - so calm - so distinct - you can notice the features beginning to change - first the face and then the body, the size - the form - and you begin to recognise that you've seen this spirit before, in another life.

And you see that life now. Going about its daily tasks. What is it doing? Where is it going? See that life and know, remember everything.

From your crystal vantage take your awareness back now into this other life and know that this was you. I'll ask you certain questions. You can answer out loud or just know the answers in your head. If the questions don't apply to you, just let them pass.

What is your name?

How old are you?

What part of the world do you live in?

Are you married? What is your wife/husband's name?

Do you have children?

What are you doing?

What are you wearing?

What year is it?

Who is the king or queen (or president)

Where do you live? A house? An apartment? A hut? (Etc)

Would you like to go home?

(If yes . . .) Okay, go home. Describe your house. Go into each room and tell me what you see.

Do you wish to do/go anywhere?

Would you like to see how this life ended?

Okay, go forward until it's time to die. You won't be afraid because you know this is just a memory.

What do you see? How did it end? Were you alone? In pain?

What lesson did you learn in this life?

Is there anywhere else you wish to go?

Now when you're ready I want your unconscious mind to reflect upon what you've discovered today. And soon, very soon, I want you to step into the beautiful bright white light.

Okay, ready now, Step Into The Light. Feel the light cleansing you of any negative energies picked up from the past. Feel yourself heal. Whole. You, again yourself, sitting here, in this room. And Step out of The Light but bring back with you all the good feelings that you've acquired. As I count up to five I want you to open your eyes and wake up to a beautiful day. Feel wide awake, fully refreshed and full of energy. Eyes open. Wide awake.

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