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Candle Gazing

Candle Gazing
Candle flame (Photo by © kokotewan - stock.adobe.com)

Allow the flickering candle flame to guide you into a dreamy state of self hypnosis and as your mind begins to relax, observe the images that float through your inner vision.

CandleWhen using candles to induce hypnosis, always make sure that you're safe and that the candle is well away from you. If you 'fall' into a hypnotic trance and knock anything, a fire could start very easily. Sit in a comfortable chair with the candle above eye level and at least three meters away from you.

This is a method of self-hypnosis, since no other person is hypnotizing you. So you need to prepare yourself well before going into trance. That means stating your objective. In the following sentence I offer an example of what to tell yourself, but please adapt it to suit your own needs accordingly.

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