Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials
What students are saying about Hypnotic World training

Considering studying hypnotherapy with Hypnotic World? Read previous students' thoughts on the Professional Hypnotherapy Course below:

Carla Clemente I have just received my certificates, what a fabulous course. Very straightforward and so interesting and ongoing support from the team especially Faith. Thank you so much.

Carla Clemente (Completed in August, 2020)

Amy Orledge I'm over the moon to say I've just successfully completed the Hypnotherapy Diploma Course. Having never really studied since school, I was nervous about starting, but found the content clear, in-depth, easy to understand and fascinating. When I needed support along the way, the responses were quick and helpful.

This way of learning was perfect for me; the flexibility meant I could fit it around work and family, and the lack of time pressure or deadlines meant that there was only myself I was working for - that added to the sense of achievement when I completed each challenging module.

Want to say a big thank you!! to Faith and all the Hypnotic World team, I'm now in the process of planning my new career!

Amy Orledge (Completed in July, 2020)

Adam Costec-Goodrum I completed the Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma course recently.

This course has been excellent, and could not recommend it highly enough!

The content is in depth and is written in a very user friendly way. The tutor support is fantastic and it is really great value for money! 10/10 all round.

A huge thank you to Faith Waude and all at Hypnotic World for the hard work that they put in and for creating this brilliant course. I loved every minute.

Adam Costec-Goodrum (Completed in June, 2020)

Sarah Bees I have just completed the Hypnotherapy Diploma with Hypnotic World; I thoroughly enjoyed it. The modules were challenging in content yet clearly and professionally set out. The support is fantastic and I can’t wait to start my own business. It’s an exciting and new uncertain chapter for me but I am very confident that Hypnotic World will always be there to assist. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to go into this field.

Sarah Bees (Completed in May, 2020)

David Annis I have been on a personal journey with Hypnotic World. I have experienced how hypnotherapy can make a great difference to people on their own journey to better health and wellbeing. I feel privileged to now be able to offer others the tools and techniques to maximise their potential.

David Annis (Completed in April, 2020)

Edyta Slawinska First of all I would like to thank Faith and the team for giving an opportunity to learn in such a convenient way - online, no deadlines, no pressure (which makes it possible for a single parent). Also many thanks for support, comments, advice throughout the course.

I am happy, proud and excited, and can't wait to start helping people as a hypnotherapist.

If you're interested in hypnotherapy, and if you're the one whose only chance to learn is online - look no further, Hypnotic World's course ticks all the boxes.

Edyta Slawinska (Completed in March, 2020)

Qaiser Talib After a decade in teaching, I needed a fresh challenge. The Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma, offered by Hypnotic World, allowed me to become a therapist without having to disrupt my entire life. Faith was always on hand to support me throughout with helpful tips and general advice. The [Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy] fitted neatly into my current life, was incredibly enjoyable and provided the perfect base from which to begin a therapy career. I am really looking forward to helping people in my city.

Qaiser Talib (Completed in December, 2019)

Eileen Sylvester I have enjoyed the course very much and am grateful it allows you the time to engage with it.

Whilst working full time it allows you flexibility to complete it as and when you can. Thank you to Faith and her team for the support and feedback.

I am a qualified Primary school teacher and have always had an interest in the caring professions. I attended some sessions myself many years ago and was fascinated by the way the subconscious mind works. I am excited at the prospect of sharing this with my clients.

Eileen Sylvester (Completed in November, 2019)

Helena Pickin I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has been so useful being able to go at my own pace. As an NLP Master Practitioner, I have found it to be a huge benefit to add to my knowledge and expertise and feel like I am able to take my practice to another level. I have been able to do some one to one sessions with a local tutor which has been invaluable and I look forward to be able to attending some further practical sessions in the future! I am very excited about what the future holds for my new career! Thank you!

Helena Pickin (Completed in October, 2019)

Kathryn Toohey The Hypnotic World Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma gives people the opportunity to transform their lives and change career direction in a fully-flexible, accessible and affordable manner. The support I received from my tutor was first rate, and I was amazed at the quick responses I received to any emails, messages or exam paper submissions.

I found the balance of information that comprised the course content to be just right, in terms of the balance between hypnosis techniques and practical advice for setting up a business as a hypnotherapist. This has been extremely beneficial, allowing me to apply various techniques in a practical way, and building my confidence to work professionally with clients.

I would highly recommend this course to anybody seeking a distance-learning qualification in hypnotherapy. I would also highly recommend attending any workshops available as this will take your learning to a new level, affording you the opportunity to develop your practical skills with expert advice.

Kathryn Toohey (Completed in October, 2019)

Angela Moffat Thank you Faith and Hypnotic World for your wonderful hypnotherapy course. The modules were easy to follow, and provided an in depth training. I enjoyed the course and the tests throughout. I am looking forward to helping people with their problems, and having successfully completed the course I feel confident I can do so. Thank you again Faith for all your help and advice. I highly recommend this training course to anyone interested in a new career as a hypnotherapist.

Angela Moffat (Completed in September, 2019)

Lee Busby Studying hypnotherapy with Hypnotic World has been a pleasure, it's easy to understand with the layout gradually piecing the puzzle together throughout the modules.

Faith and the team have been amazing, helpful and swift with their feedback and communication.

I would also recommend to those of whom are distance learning, you should definitely get over to some practical workshops as it cements all that you have learned and increases your confidence tremendously.

My only regret is not finding this course sooner.

Lee Busby (Completed in September, 2019)

Cecilia Dzenga Just to say thank you so much to Hypnotic World especially Faith Waude my tutor and to Eileen for delivering the practicals, not forgetting everyone on [the student support group], I have learnt a lot and am proud to achieve my qualification.

Cecilia Dzenga (Completed in September, 2019)

Lisa Powell I have worked in healthcare for 30 years primarily in Forensic Mental Health and Learning Disability field. I hold a Registered Mental Health Nurse Qualification, BSc (hons) in Social Science with Psychology and a MA in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. It has long been an ambition of mine to undertake a Hypnotherapy qualification to support my existing practice but needed something that was flexible. This programme was just what I was looking for, easy to access, professional with responsive tutors. Genuinely felt nothing was too much trouble.

Lisa Powell (Completed in July, 2019)

Kassandra Davies A massive thank you to Faith and Hypnotic World.

The flexibility for modules and examinations are brilliant to fit in with day-to-day life.

I love the fact that there are no deadlines, so no unnecessary added pressures, making this course a joy to delve into.

The modules themselves are well written, easy to understand and memorable in all the best ways.

Support is always there if you get stuck or need any help in any way, before and after completion.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and am very pleased I chose Hypnotic World.

Now I can look forward to starting my career in Hypnotherapy to do what I’ve always wanted to do and help people.

Kassandra Davies (Completed in May, 2019)

Karen Power I have enjoyed each and every one of the eight modules. They were challenging at times, very informative and interesting and always inspiring. I not only learned about hypnosis - I learned a lot about myself too. I am now eager to continue learning and to put it all into practice. Hypnotic World are in my opinion the very best teachers of hypnotherapy and will always recommend them.

Karen Power (Completed in May, 2019)

Jonathan Jarrett I am a qualified Hypnotherapist based in Hertfordshire and have a keen interest in helping others to overcome their fears and problems and work towards achieving success with the aiding of relaxation through hypnotherapy. I have progressed having gained vast experience in social and listening skills to be able to communicate and assist in all environments and help develop a secure rapport to achieve positive results and future benefits.

Jonathan Jarrett (Completed in March, 2019)

Douglas Tall Many thanks to Faith and all at Hypnotic World. The structure of learning the modules was ideal to fit into my hectic life.

I attended various workshops put on by Hypnotic World and I've considered them to be a must in my training.

I'm really excited to be able to help future clients with their problems. As a keen surfer the peace and happiness I find in surfing I'm sure I will find in Hypnotherapy.

Waves of positive energy to you all.

Douglas Tall (Completed in January, 2019)

Ami Tyler I've really enjoyed studying with Hypnotic World. It's been great to work at my own pace with no pressure for deadlines, so it fits around any lifestyle. I found the modules really interesting and received quick and helpful feedback from Faith when I sent them in. The Facebook page has been a great support too. The modules took me a little longer each time as I started to do wider reading, practising on family and friends, and watching a lot of You Tube videos! I've learnt so much and come so far and best of all now feel I'm ready to help others and I can't wait to start on my hypnotherapy path! Thanks to Hypnotic World for giving me the knowledge and confidence to realise my dream of helping others and working for myself.

Ami Tyler (Completed in January, 2019)

Chelsea Hunt I thought the course was extremely well set, and paced throughout the modules. I enjoyed working at my own pace alongside my job. The fact there were no deadlines was great for me again with working full time. I love the idea of paying per module, I think that'll really benefit any future learner. I found the Facebook group really useful and made some good friends, that I know I can lean on for reassurance if I am not sure. Faith was fantastic at marking and always got back to us in no time and was always there to ask advice. I would love to do another course through Hypnotic World if it were to arise one day. I'd be the first to sign up. I actually miss receiving the modules through the post!! If you're thinking of doing it but are unsure I urge you to go for it!!

Chelsea Hunt (Completed in December, 2018)

Heather Botting I wanted to study hypnosis decades ago when I was nursing but my location made this difficult so I gave up on the idea. I had recently reached a cross roads in my life and revisited the idea of studying hypnosis. I was so happy to discover Hypnotic World not just because of studying remotely in my own time but the fact that it is affordable and the support is outstanding.

I am excited to have passed and look forward to taking the next steps to start practising and helping people again. In the meantime I highly recommend the course and workshops to anyone considering learning hypnosis.

Heather Botting (Completed in December, 2018)

Kerry Carter-Gray I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was nice to be able to complete each module in my own time and not be pressurised by deadlines. I am so glad that I chose Hypnotic World to train with and would 100% recommend it to anyone thinking of training to become a hypnotherapist.

Kerry Carter-Gray (Completed in October, 2018)

Johanna Holt The Hypnotic World diploma course allowed me to further an interest and support my career by means of a supportive and enjoyable course. I found the modules stimulating and the mini tests consolidated learning by means of application of learning. Although distance learning, I felt like I had any support I needed in a manner that fitted in with my lifestyle. Thank you for facilitating my personal progression.

Johanna Holt (Completed in October, 2018)

Andrew Potts A very interesting course which I thoroughly enjoyed studying. Thank you for all the information and advice. Thanks to you all at Hypnotic World, I now look forward to my new career as a happy successful hypnotherapist. Thank you again.

I have been interested in Hypnosis and it`s many benefits for years. However, it was not until I retired as a Police Officer in 2016 and eventually discovered the Hypnotic World site that I decided to take my interest in Hypnosis to a Professional level. It is through Hypnotic World that I have been able to achieve my `dream` to be a Hypnotherapist. The course work, the knowledge, the guidance, the advice provided is exemplary. I highly recommend taking this course....Don`t just dream of a `better` career...`Do it!`

Andrew Potts (Completed in August, 2018)

Carol Hunt I am a Holistic and Beauty Therapist and have been practising for over 15 years. I have my own business in Swindon offering a wide range of therapies. I also have a Teacher's degree having taught in local colleges and now I offer CPD training to qualified therapists. I have always had a keen interest in hypnotherapy and have experienced its huge benefits. I was lucky to discover Hypnotic World where I was able to use my passion to study part time around my busy business. I am looking forward to offering Hypnotherapy within my practice to help clients improve their wellbeing.

Carol Hunt (Completed in July, 2018)

Tracie Smith I have to say I cannot fault the Hypnotic World experience. Faith and all the staff are very helpful and the resources are amazing. I will continue to be an Hypnotic World member and advise all new students to do the same. Hypnotherapy has changed my life so thank you Hypnotic World.

Tracie Smith (Completed in April, 2018)

Mark Stewart I studied hypnosis in the 90's after attending a few stage hypnosis events but never formalised my training. My wife, who is a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, suggested I formalise my training by obtaining a Diploma in Hypnotherapy. I am so glad that I chose Hypnotic World to study with. The breadth of topics covered and the detail in which they are covered by the course was a pleasant surprise, and although I found it challenging, I found the effort required so rewarding. I would recommend this course to anyone serious about becoming a hypnotherapist.

Mark Stewart (Completed in April, 2018)

Patrick Jordan I've been interested in hypnosis for many years, but never been in a position to act upon it, I recently found the Hypnotic World online course, that gave me the opinion to learn at home, in my own time around my family and work commitments, realising my passion for hypnosis.

The course was easy to follow and the support of my tutor was excellent during and after each module.

Thanks to Hypnotic World I have been able to gain the skills I need to become a confident hypnotherapist and I look forward to starting my new journey, knowing I can return to Hypnotic World for support; if needed, is a real comfort and great extra support when taking the first steps into a whole new business.

I'd highly recommend the course to anyone who is thinking about starting a career in hypnosis or even someone who would just like to learn a new skill.

Patrick Jordan (Completed in March, 2018)

Angela Leavesley-Rider I am so happy with the achievement accomplished and I am looking forward to starting my new vocation, and career in Hypnotherapy.

I have really enjoyed the course and it has opened my eyes and mind to so much more.

The course material was very informative and interesting and I could not wait to start another module after completing one.

Thank for all your feedback through the months and look forward to seeing you when participating in the forthcoming workshops.

Kindest Regards


Angela Leavesley-Rider (Completed in December, 2017)

Kevin Seagrave I would like to say thank you for all your quick responses.I have found the course very informative and would recommend the course to anyone.

Many thanks

Kevin Seagrave (Completed in November, 2017)

Janet Jarvis Kay I have loved every minute of studying. A supportive personal tutor and excellent course materials have enabled me to succeed.

Kind regards


Janet Jarvis Kay (Completed in November, 2017)

Vicki Scurr My journey with Hypnotic World has been truly enlightening. The course has fulfilled all my expectations and completed the missing part of my Psychology therapy work. The learning has been truly inspiring and enjoyable, and the support is always there when you need it. I have learnt so much from working through the coursework, using both the workbooks provided and external reading material.

Achieving the qualification has given me the confidence to deliver hypnotherapy in addition to my stress and relaxation sessions. Thank you so much for all your support.

Vicki Scurr (Completed in August, 2017)

Edward Sanlon I found the course materials very interesting and easy to read, and my tutor very helpful, professional, friendly and responded to any questions I had very quickly.

I also had to take a break for a few months but had no problem picking up where I left off. Excellent course would recommend it to anyone.

Edward Sanlon (Completed in July, 2017)

Fiona Derbyshire I found the course really interesting and challenging but with the support I received manageable.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to a new adventure practising hypnotherapy.

Fiona Derbyshire (Completed in May, 2017)

Sarah Swindlehurst This was a dream come true. As a Yoga Therapist and Naturopathic Nutritionist I had a missing part in my healing work, and Hypnotherapy was it.

I am so pleased to have done this course which was rich in content and I learnt so very much on this training. It was convenient too as I work many weekends and have children so this was something I was able to do in my own time. Thank you so very much Hypnotic World and Faith as a very knowledgeable tutor!

Sarah Swindlehurst (Completed in April, 2017)

Janet Peace Thank you for your support and positive feedback at the end of each module. I found the whole course to be well written, easy to follow and empowering. I found the content to be enough to whet the appetite and encourage me to look at the module topics in greater depth.

Janet Peace (Completed in April, 2017)

Linda Owen As for doing an on-line course and receiving the modules in post it worked a treat, a very smooth learning process that simply goes at YOUR PACE. Hypnotherapy has brought a greater knowledge to how us humans work and will aid also my other therapies to a higher level that professional vibe that also guides the inner me.

Linda Owen (Completed in March, 2017)

Prem Thakkar My journey with Hypnotic World has been nothing less than magical. Since the very first time I spoke to Faith I knew this is the right organisation for me to complete my diploma. Nothing compares to the help and support I have received. The end of module tests were marked super fast so that I could proceed to studying the next module without delay. The course content is so clear and easy to comprehend and remember. This diploma is the best accomplishment for me yet and it would not have been possible without Hypnotic World and Faith to back me up. I highly recommend this organisation. Thank You Faith.

Prem Thakkar (Completed in December, 2016)

Frederick Corbett Would like to thank you again. I would like to say that I found the course interesting, and certainly full of information on topics covered.

I also liked the idea of the feedback which was of great help.

Would certainly recommend to anyone.

Frederick Corbett (Completed in September, 2016)

David Rostron The course is extremely well written. The content of each module build knowledge and understanding in a well-structured manner that is very well complimented by reading the recommended works alongside the modules.

Having had an interest in hypnosis over the last few years, news of my redundancy from my former commercial role liberated me to pursue my passions. Having the option to train and gain a qualification in a field that I have such an interest in led me to Hypnotic World. The structure of the course allowed me to work at my own pace and in my own time, whilst still employed pending redundancy. Other courses have a structure that is spread over scheduled sessions. As someone who learns at an accelerated pace, the student paced structure of Hypnotic World meant that I could progress as fast as I wished. To my delight, Faith Waude was my mentor. Faith's feedback and assessment marking was lighting fast in returning feedback and approvals - seemingly working all hours of the day.

I happily recommend the course to anyone who wishes to qualify as a hypnotherapist, especially if they have the need to fit their training around other commitments. Like the client centred approach the therapy that the course promotes, the course is also student centred. This course is all about the student!

David Rostron (Completed in August, 2016)

Nathalie Frechette The content of the study with Hypnotic World is very well explained and easy to master, I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the wonderful world of Hypnotism and Healing of the Mind.

Nathalie Frechette (Completed in June, 2016)

Mark Robotham Having worked in the emergency services for over 28 years, I have always been used to helping others, more in an emergency situation other than a relaxed environment. So I decided to see what it would be like to be able to help others in a more relaxed environment.

I embarked on a Hypnotherapy course online as I felt it would allow me to study at my pace and be able to fit the studies in around my somewhat busy life. Hypnotic World was by far the best laid out course I looked at online. And I did look at a few.

The help and support online was extremely easy to access and follow. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that is considering a profession in this field. I don't think any age is a barrier to starting something new. I am now in the process of setting up my own Practice and look forward to an exciting career in hypnotherapy alongside my current profession.

Mark Robotham (Completed in March, 2016)

Dean Groombridge I really enjoyed doing the Hypnotic World diploma course.

The support throughout completion of the course is amazing.

I really recommend Hypnotic World.

Dean Groombridge (Completed in January, 2016)

Samantha Pratt The course was great for me, being able to buy one module at a time kept me focused and able to spend the time needed on each one before heading onto the next challenge. Great to get feedback all the way through I found this very valuable. I had looked at several other home study courses but I have to say I made the right choice!

This course has added to my knowledge and I'm thoroughly enjoying putting it all into practice.

Samantha Pratt (Completed in September, 2015)

Genevieve Du Bois I have enjoyed the course immensely, each module was clear, concise and written in easy to understand format.

The course has been fitted in around my busy home life and demanding job, a job which I will be swapping soon to become a practising Hypnotherapist!

I would not hesitate in recommending this course to anyone who is looking to gain a qualification in Hypnotherapy.

Genevieve Du Bois (Completed in July, 2015)

Garry Morris If you are looking to become a hypnotherapist this course speaks for itself.

Well written, covers all aspects required for you to fully understand your subject and develop your own style.

Garry Morris (Completed in June, 2015)

Tracy Savage A well structured, comprehensively written course that made learning thoroughly enjoyable. I was especially impressed by the level of support and encouragement from Faith and the promptness in which she responded to any queries I had.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend one of the workshops which I found to be an invaluable experience and would recommend to anyone, not only because was it friendly, inspiring and insightful but because it really brought together in a very real sense all that I had learnt in theory.

My own confidence in myself has grown immensely from doing this course and I really cannot thank Faith and the rest of the team enough.

I have always had a keen interest in the workings of the mind and human nature in general. I have spent the last twenty years or so studying various alternative therapies for mind body and soul from spiritual and crystal healing to reiki. I have studied soul coding, astrology and numerology. I have done psychotherapy, CBT and hypnotherapy and have finally decided to attain official qualifications in all these areas as I am in the processes of getting together with like minded people to open an alternative therapy centre.

I believe that every human being has the right to live healthily feeling at peace with themselves and the world around them and if I can help in even the smallest way I would feel extremely privileged to do so.

Tracy Savage (Completed in May, 2015)

Donna Stevenson I just want to say that I found the course most enjoyable. The modules were good bite sized chunks, looking at them all on my bookshelf now I am amazed I got through them all in such a short space of time, however that is true testimony to the way the course was written. I have recommended Hypnotic World to a number of NLP colleagues who are keen to progress through the hypnotherapy route, so you may have a wee influx of Scottish students!

Thank you for all the support you have shown me throughout, I am absolutely thrilled and will utilise the amazing resources on Hypnotic World for a long time to come.

Donna Stevenson (Completed in January, 2015)

PG, Essex What a wonderful course. Informative, inspiring and stretching. The material was clearly laid out and end of module tests made sure the I understood the material academically and in practice. The course helped create a framework around existing reading and since completing the course I have been able to incorporate it into much of the work I do around the world. An excellent investment of money and time with plenty of scope to apply the learning in helping myself and others. If you are weighing up whether this course is worth it - enrol with confidence.

Thank you!

PG, Essex (Completed in December, 2014)

Isabelle Jourdan I was very excited when I received my certificate followed by a little emptiness. Empty, because I had suddenly more time without the exercise papers and modules. Now I am learning about marketing and networking (which is a little alien to me) and I am confident that I will reach my goals.

I know that receiving the certificate is only the beginning and I am looking forward to the unfolding of my path.

Thank you again for all your support and encouraging comments on my exercise papers. I am proud to be a member of Hypnotic World.

Isabelle Jourdan (Completed in November, 2014)

Tracey Horsey I found studying each module thoroughly enjoyable and being able to complete them at my own pace was absolutely perfect. The course material was extremely well written and Faith gave me such wonderful encouragement and support throughout.

Having now successfully achieved my diploma through Hypnotic World, I will embark on my new career with added confidence knowing that Faith and her team will continue to provide support, whenever I need it.

Tracey Horsey (Completed in September, 2014)

Lynda Edmondson I moved to the Lake District 14 years ago from Surrey and over that time but have been thoroughly welcomed into the Cumbrian way of life.

I began working for The County Council 10 years ago and alongside my day job became a support officer aiding fellow colleagues who were being bullied or harassed or accused of bullying or harassment in the workplace.

Through the support officer role, I found a new avenue of where my interests really lay. I went to college of an evening and gained a diploma in person centred counselling. At the time of doing my diploma I became interested in hypnotherapy but was unable at the time to do anything further about it.

The opportunity arose last year whereby I could fulfil this wish and after much internet searching and talking with peers I found Faith Waude at Hypnotic World. The course fitted in around me as I work full time and I could complete each module at my own pace and in a time that was right for me.

Faith was immensely supportive and always quick to respond to any queries that I had, both during and after completion of the course. The course content was very thorough and I looked forward to reading of each of the modules. I was overjoyed when I passed!!

I am now working with clients with varying issues from stopping smoking, trust issues, emotional past issues to weight loss and loving every minute of it. The satisfaction of being able to aid someone to overcome their issues is an amazing feeling.

Thank you to Faith & all at Hypnotic World.

Lynda Edmondson (Completed in March, 2014)

Hi Faith

I received modules 2 & 3 today - dived straight into module 2, I think it is important to say that I like the style it is written in. I think by now I have taken about 10 (or so) various courses to supplement my accredited training and this is by far the most comprehensively written. Yes there are some things that are the same throughout all courses - material wise - but the styles have left a lot to be desired. The introduction to the hypno-analysis section is highly understandable, rich in insight and integrative in a very refreshing way. I hope you don't take this praise lightly as I sincerely mean it. I now feel that I have found something that has been missing from my practice, the analytical component. This is from someone who is completing a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy and has been studying since 1989 the field of counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, Shamanism and is currently conducting research on a new model for working with Trauma. The business I am just setting up will be all the richer for having taken the chance and ordered this excellent course. Many Many Thanks


I've been interested in hypnosis for as long as I can remember but I never thought it would be something I would be able to do myself.  After a not so great experience with a local trainer, I stumbled upon Hypnotic World, and I'm so glad I did!  They proved to me hypnosis is indeed something I'm able to do, and indeed excel at!

The course was structured in such a way that it's easy to learn, and the modules get more and more detailed at a gradual and comfortable pace. I remember the first time someone asked me about hypnosis, when I'd finished explaining, I'd literally surprised myself with how much I'd learned!  I really liked the fact I could learn at my own pace. At the time I was working 60 hour weeks, but even with that kind of schedule I was still able to enjoy my study and qualify.

The resources of the website are a real bonus too, and help you gain a real depth of knowledge in the field, coupled with the support and contact with Faith when you need it, and this course gives you a real head start.

And as for the lifestyle...  Since qualifying, I've performed hundreds of therapies and there's no feeling like it in the world, when you've changed someone's life in such a positive way. I've met some great people and I've given talks and seminars all over the world, most recently in Dallas, Texas.

It's been hard work, but incredibly satisfying, and it was Hypnotic World that started it all off for me! A HUGE thank you!

Declan Lestat, Nottingham, UK

In 33+ years of sales and management, last 22 years in training of businesses and staff - been on hundreds on training courses.  During that time I can safely say that the layout, literature, content, ease of reading, simplicity of the explanations for understanding is excellent.  Well done.


The Modules are well written in an easy to understand manner, one that makes it interesting for the reader to learn from.

Robert N (Nottingham)

I had been looking for a change of career for some time but didn't really know what I wanted to do. I met a hypnotherapist through a family member and hypnotherapy sounded really interesting.  I then looked on the internet to see what I could find out and that was when I found the Hypnotic World site and it really grabbed my attention.

What I also liked was that I could pay for each module as I learned if I wanted to, so I sent off for the first module.  I was completely hooked and sent off for the rest of the coursework.  The course is very well structured and what I really liked was that there was constant e-mail or phone support if it was needed and marked modules were returned promptly so that I knew how I was doing at each stage which did wonders for building my confidence. I have a particular interest in past life regression, but my "bread and butter"  since I qualified 16 months ago is mostly in stopping smoking and confidence issues. Since qualifying I have met other hypnotherapists who qualified through other organizations and I have to say I believe that the Hypnotic World course is by far the best and the best value for money.  I would recommend this course to anyone who enjoys working with people and wants to make a difference.

Karrie McMillan

Since receiving my certificate in January I have gone from strength to strength. I was fortunate enough to become a practitioner at Avalon Natural Health Centre which is the oldest established natural health centre in Sussex (35 years)  It is so rewarding and I have bookings well into the year.  I already have a day job so only work evening and weekends.  Although I still have much to learn I feel that I am on the right path for me. I have never not had a client re-book for a further session after the initial consultation.

David E

Hi Faith Just to let you know I have completed and sent back Module One to you. I found it really interesting. I have listened to the last track on the CD a few times in bed and it has definitely improved my sleep (a lot deeper). Really impressed with how the module was constructed and easy to follow. Looking forward to receiving the next one.

John Chivers

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