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Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

Recognised Training

When choosing a hypnotherapy training school, it is important that you select an organization whose standards have been recognised by external professional organizations:

National Hypnotherapy Society Quality Checked

The Professional Hypnotherapy Course has been externally quality checked by the National Hypnotherapy Society (HS). The National Hypnotherapy Society is the only hypnotherapy organisation whose register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

National Hypnotherapy Society Listing  

National Hypnotherapy Society Membership

Students who have completed the Professional Hypnotherapy Course are eligible to apply for Non-Registrant membership of the National Hypnotherapy Society. If you have completed the course, click here to apply. New to the course? See Course Enrolment.

Accredited by ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists)

This course is accredited by ACCPH and allows you to join as a professional member after graduation (Membership Criteria).

ACCPH Organizational Member

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"The business I am just setting up will be all the richer for having taken the chance and ordered this excellent course."

"It's been hard work, but incredibly satisfying, and it was Hypnotic World that started it all off for me! A HUGE thank you!"
Declan Lestat

"The Modules are well written in an easy to understand manner, one that makes it interesting for the reader to learn from."

"Since receiving my certificate in January I have gone from strength to strength."

What Students Are Saying
"I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in hypnotherapy."

"I have absolutely loved doing the Hypnotic World course, I previously studied hypnotherapy but didn’t feel the course I did covered everything thoroughly so I looked into Hypnotic World. From the first module I have loved it, it is so in depth but it's also written in an interesting way so you don’t get bored. I now feel really confident about what I am doing. The modules have pushed me and my knowledge of hypnotherapy to really, really think outside the box for every scenario, which has helped me so much. Faith has been amazing, if ever I've needed help, nothing is ever too much trouble... I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in hypnotherapy."

Sophie Shaw (Completed June, 2022)

"I am really pleased I picked Hypnotic World"

"The course was so informative and very well structured, I am really pleased I picked Hypnotic World to gain my Diploma. Each module leads the learner onto the next module with curiosity and interest and with the added benefit of the student being able to refer back, it all falls into place and begins to make sense, while deepening one's understanding. The course delves into hypnosis and hypnotherapy in a way that anyone with a genuine interest in Hypnosis would find captivating. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone and have done so a few times now since finishing my final module and passing the Diploma. Well done and many thanks Hypnotic World and especially Faith, my course tutor. "

Alistair Coughtrie (Completed May, 2022)

"Thank you Hypnotic World."

"I suppose I could be called a mature student, being the wrong side of 50 - only just though. It's never too late to learn something new. I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, and used these skills to volunteer for Crisis Text Line, I wanted to add another level to my toolbox. I looked at many hypnotherapy courses, but struggled to find the one that fitted into my already busy life. Hypnotic World seemed to be a great balance between pure study and practical opportunity. I was not disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the course from start to finish. The strangest part? Playing back your own voice, but it was fun too. Reflecting on how much you have taken in over the course, to allow you to write your own scripts is amazing. Thank you Hypnotic World."

Steve Sadler (Completed April, 2022)

Quality checked by The National Hypnotherapy Society
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