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Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

Recent Students

It is always rewarding to hear from recent students of the hypnotherapy course and below we will add recent comments from people who have completed their hypnotherapy training with Hypnotic World. You will also find more students' comments on our Testimonials page.

Prem Thakkar (Completed in December, 2016)

Prem Thakkar My journey with Hypnotic World has been nothing less than magical. Since the very first time I spoke to Faith I knew this is the right organisation for me to complete my diploma. Nothing compares to the help and support I have received. The end of module tests were marked super fast so that I could proceed to studying the next module without delay. The course content is so clear and easy to comprehend and remember. This diploma is the best accomplishment for me yet and it would not have been possible without Hypnotic World and Faith to back me up. I highly recommend this organisation. Thank You Faith.

David Rostron (Completed in August, 2016)

David Rostron The course is extremely well written. The content of each module build knowledge and understanding in a well-structured manner that is very well complimented by reading the recommended works alongside the modules.

Having had an interest in hypnosis over the last few years, news of my redundancy from my former commercial role liberated me to pursue my passions. Having the option to train and gain a qualification in a field that I have such an interest in led me to Hypnotic World. The structure of the course allowed me to work at my own pace and in my own time, whilst still employed pending redundancy. Other courses have a structure that is spread over scheduled sessions. As someone who learns at an accelerated pace, the student paced structure of Hypnotic World meant that I could progress as fast as I wished. To my delight, Faith Waude was my mentor. Faith's feedback and assessment marking was lighting fast in returning feedback and approvals - seemingly working all hours of the day.

I happily recommend the course to anyone who wishes to qualify as a hypnotherapist, especially if they have the need to fit their training around other commitments. Like the client centred approach the therapy that the course promotes, the course is also student centred. This course is all about the student!

Donna Stevenson (Completed in January, 2015)

Donna Stevenson I just want to say that I found the course most enjoyable. The modules were good bite sized chunks, looking at them all on my bookshelf now I am amazed I got though them all in such a short space of time, however that is true testimony to the way the course was written. I have recommended Hypnotic World to a number of NLP colleagues who are keen to progress through the hypnotherapy route, so you may have a wee influx of Scottish students!

Thank you for all the support you have shown me throughout, I am absolutely thrilled and will utilise the amazing resources on Hypnotic World for a long time to come.

PG, Essex (Completed in December, 2014)

PG, Essex What a wonderful course. Informative, inspiring and stretching. The material was clearly laid out and end of module tests made sure the I understood the material academically and in practice. The course helped create a framework around existing reading and since completing the course I have been able to incorporate it into much of the work I do around the world. An excellent investment of money and time with plenty of scope to apply the learning in helping myself and others. If you are weighing up whether this course is worth it - enrol with confidence.

Thank you!

Isabelle Jourdan (Completed in November, 2014)

Isabelle Jourdan I was very excited when I received my certificate followed by a little emptiness. Empty, because I had suddenly more time without the exercise papers and modules. Now I am learning about marketing and networking (which is a little alien to me) and I am confident that I will reach my goals.

I know that receiving the certificate is only the beginning and I am looking forward to the unfolding of my path.

Thank you again for all your support and encouraging comments on my exercise papers. I am proud to be a member of Hypnotic World.

Tracey Horsey (Completed in September, 2014)

Tracey Horsey I found studying each module thoroughly enjoyable and being able to complete them at my own pace was absolutely perfect. The course material was extremely well written and Faith gave me such wonderful encouragement and support throughout.

Having now successfully achieved my diploma through Hypnotic World, I will embark on my new career with added confidence knowing that Faith and her team will continue to provide support, whenever I need it.

Lynda Edmondson (Completed in March, 2014)

Lynda Edmondson I moved to the Lake District 14 years ago from Surrey and over that time but have been thoroughly welcomed into the Cumbrian way of life.

I began working for The County Council 10 years ago and alongside my day job became a support officer aiding fellow colleagues who were being bullied or harassed or accused of bullying or harassment in the work place.

Through the support officer role, I found a new avenue of where my interests really lay. I went to college of an evening and gained a diploma in person centred counselling. At the time of doing my diploma I became interested in hypnotherapy but was unable at the time to do anything further about it.

The opportunity arose last year whereby I could fulfil this wish and after much internet searching and talking with peers I found Faith Waude at Hypnotic World. The course fitted in around me as I work full time and I could complete each module at my own pace and in a time that was right for me.

Faith was immensely supportive and always quick to respond to any queries that I had, both during and after completion of the course. The course content was very thorough and I looked forward to reading of each of the modules. I was overjoyed when I passed!!

I am now working with clients with varying issues from stopping smoking, trust issues, emotional past issues to weight loss and loving every minute of it. The satisfaction of being able to aid someone to overcome their issues is an amazing feeling.

Thank you to Faith & all at Hypnotic World.

Ralph Goldsmith (Completed in January, 2014)

Ralph Goldsmith "Having spent more than twenty years in management and leadership roles in industry I realised that what I really wanted was to make a difference to people rather than organisations. I have always been fascinated with the power of the mind, and I truly believe that everyone has the potential to do, and be, and enjoy so much more than they can even imagine. Having already completed a course in Life Coaching a couple of years ago I decided that what I really wanted was to learn the skills and techniques of Hypnotherapy. Much research on the internet followed with many training organisations contacted, until I got in touch with Faith Waude at Hypnotic World and signed up for the Diploma in Hypnotherapy course.

The material is presented in 8 printed modules, with some complimentary CDs, Each module has a question paper to be completed and sent back in, and there's a final exam at the end of module 8. I was delighted with the quality of the material presented. This was not a course that was solely about learning some techniques and scripts, but rather a course that was designed to make you think, and analyse, and come to your own conclusions and decisions. The support from Faith was excellent. When I had questions, or felt uncertain about my responses to the questions, she was always able to help. Either giving me reassurance that I was on the right track, or gently pointing me in the right direction if that was necessary. I am now equipped to start my own Hypnotherapy practice and I look forward to helping people. For almost thirty years I have also suffered from an eye condition called Keratoconus and I am in the process of developing a confidence and self reliance program for people with eyesight related diseases or challenges. You can find out more about me at http://thenorthamptonhypnotherapist.com."

Dennis Wilton (Completed in December, 2013)

Dennis Wilton "Whenever I try to write a bio the result seems like a feat of self-gratification: "I did this... I did that... I did the other..." No one achieves anything without help and support no matter how hard they try to be independent, so to remain brief and to the point I have to resist the temptation to involve descriptions of my wonderful family, and the friends who have also played their parts. My interest in hypnotherapy started in 1960 when I bought material from a Psychology Publishing company in Cheshire. In 1970 I worked through the book courses set out by William J. Ousby: 'Self Hypnosis and Scientific Suggestion', and 'Hetero-hypnoses: the theory and practice of Hypnotism'. That was many years ago and faded in memory, so I was really pleased when I had the opportunity to complete the hypnotherapy course with Hypnotic World. The material was comprehensive and presented in non-technical language that anyone could understand, and the feedback from Faith Waude to the module questions and the final exam papers was highly proficient and informative. It is gratifying for me to be associated with a such a competent and professional group of people who practice and teach hypnotherapy. For anyone thinking of a new/alternative/additional profession, or who is returning to education, the hypnotherapy course presented by Hypnotic World is highly recommended."

Samantha Mackenzie (Completed in October, 2013)

Samantha Mackenzie "After a successful retail management career from my early to mid twenties, I began a career in care in 2004. I have worked in all areas of care from clinical, community, secure units and residential care. I completed a foundation degree in 2007 in caring for children with complex and continuing health care needs and continued my studies with NVQ's 3 in health and social care and team leading. Recently I have completed a level 4 diploma in counselling and psychotherapy and this is where I discovered my interest and love of hypnotherapy. I have now successfully completed a diploma with the wonderful Hypnotic World!

I work with clients with learning disabilities and dementia and I am always trying to find ways to enhance communication and promote a person centred holistic care approach. Many of my clients are palliative care and therefore experience pain and discomfort and a difficulty in enjoying calmness and relaxation. I believe I can help to provide this with a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy. As well as serve other individuals with therapy that is tailored to their specific needs. I am passionate about care of the elderly and vulnerable adults and children. I feel that there is not enough provision for mental health towards end of life, during a time when it is more important than ever to ensure meaningful relationships and communication are available and accessible in order to sustain a sense of who we are.

I am married with a beautiful daughter whom I adore and 4 fabulous cats. I enjoy reading, cooking and arts and crafts."

River Roman (Completed in June, 2013)

River Roman"River Roman is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a private practice in British Columbia, Canada. He works with those dealing with issues such as PTSD, pain management, fears and phobias as well as many other issues. For more information please visit River's website at www.yourhealinghypnosis.com/.

Christopher Donkin (Completed in January, 2013)

Christopher Donkin"I would first like to thank Faith Waude for all her help and support throughout my Professional Hypnotherapy training with Hypnotic World.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge, and I am more confident with my abilities and the added tools that I have gained which will enable me to help more people through Hypnosis.

I have & will continue to recommend Hypnotic World's training to all of those who are thinking about learning Hypnotherapy as it is very in depth and well round with the added value of being Pay As You Go and all the ongoing support that is available.

I have been interested in Hypnotherapy since being a teenager and it wasn't until I did my NLP Practitioner training that it sparked the desire for me to get more knowledge on Hypnotherapy.

I am very passionate about this business and I enjoy helping people achieve their goals and enhance their wellbeing.

I am also a Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki & Karuna Reiki® Master). I am qualified in NLP & EFT Practitioner and now Hypnotherapy"

For more information please visit www.thequantuseffect.co.uk

Karen Scarcliffe (Completed in 2012)

Karen Scarcliffe"I wish to thank Faith Waude for her help and support throughout my Hypnotherapy training with Hypnotic World. This has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, confidence and tools to help people via hypnosis. I will recommend Hypnotic World training to all those who are thinking about learning Hypnotherapy. I have over 9 years' experience as a Complementary Therapist working in the Lincoln area, and I bring forward into my practice 20 years of experience of being a Staff Nurse, working in the NHS and at St. Barnabas Hospice. Over the years I have increasingly recognised the health benefits of using complementary therapies alongside conventional medicine.

I am registered on the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners, run by the NHS Trusts Association. I am passionate about my business and I enjoy giving my clients individual holistic care to enhance their wellbeing. I have a natural caring instinct and a thirst for knowledge and enjoy teaching my students.

I specialise in Reiki, and as a Reiki Master / Teacher run Reiki Classes. I am qualified in EFT and have done training seminars with Gary Craig its founder. I also bring to my practice Crystal Healing and Hopi Ear Candle Therapy. I now add Hypnotherapy to my skill base and I particularly find Past Life Regression fascinating, with its ability to help us in our present life time. I also specialise in weight loss, bringing forward personal experience, empathy, knowledge and motivation to help my clients to the full.

For more information please visit www.vibranthealth.info.

David Foggin (Completed in August, 2012)

David Foggin"Thanks to Hypnotic World's comprehensive Diploma in Hypnotherapy programme for providing me with the skill and confidence to help people lose weight through hypnosis.

Faith Waude and her team were totally responsive to any queries I had and I now regard her and her website as a great source of knowledge. I really appreciate that the advice provided on the 8 modules programme includes setting up your own practice, marketing and managing PR and website presence.

I practice in York, Leeds and Northallerton - specialising in weight loss."

David FogginDavid Foggin

About David

I qualified in 1976 in Human Movement Studies and Sports Psychology from the University of Leeds (TASC). I attended Harvard Business School's executive programme in 2000 where I learned about the psychology of leadership, individuals and teams. I am an NLP Master Practitioner (Design Human Engineering) having trained with Richard Bandler and John La Valle in Toronto, 1994.

I led the launch of the NHS Better Hospital Food Programme with Loyd Grossman and several distinguished Master Chefs. I facilitate and speak at large conferences and events related to motivation, leadership and habits of effectiveness in the UK, Scandinavia, South Africa, Europe and China. (www.weightlossyork.co.uk)

My research in NLP and NLP Metaprograms has led to my inventing and launching a worldwide online tool that is registered with The British Psychological Society that provides insight into motivation and preferences and interpersonal relationships. I work with organisations and individuals to help them achieve their goals. My passion and curiosity is understanding the motivations and preferences that drive behaviour.

I am married with 5 children and enjoy spending time with my family, cooking and live music. I 'busk' piano and saxophone. You have nothing to lose (except those extra pounds) by contacting David Foggin to receive a free initial consultation!

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"The business I am just setting up will be all the richer for having taken the chance and ordered this excellent course."

"It's been hard work, but incredibly satisfying, and it was Hypnotic World that started it all off for me! A HUGE thank you!"
Declan Lestat

"The Modules are well written in an easy to understand manner, one that makes it interesting for the reader to learn from."

"Since receiving my certificate in January I have gone from strength to strength."

What Students Are Saying
"Completing the hypnotherapy diploma course has been a game-changer for me"

"Completing the hypnotherapy diploma course has been a game-changer for me. I now have the knowledge and skills to help others overcome obstacles, break through limiting beliefs, and achieve their goals. And I didn’t allow my dyslexia to hold me back. Thank you for an enriching and empowering experience Faith."

Tracey Mckay (Completed March, 2024)

"Instructors and staff were remarkably responsive, supportive, and patient with me."

"I found the entire process very exciting and deeply fascinating. It was incredibly helpful to be able to take each module at my own pace, as I was always comparing/contrasting several different hypnotherapy approaches from several different sources. Instructors and staff were remarkably responsive, supportive, and patient with me. I first graduated university with a degree in Psychology in 2008, and went on to obtain a Master's Degree in Social Work in 2015. I then became licensed in Clinical Social Work and have worked both publicly in various hospitals with patients experiencing profound mental/emotional illness, as well as maintaining a private practice of clinical psychotherapy. I have always maintained a fascination with the subconscious and the relative difficulty accessing it. Thus, I was led to hypnosis as a viable and safe means of doing so. Which, in turn, led me to Hypnotic World."

Nathan Nall (Completed January, 2024)

"The flexibility of distance learning, coupled with Faith Waude's invaluable virtual mentorship, guided me through exams and provided unwavering support."

"Thrilled to announce the completion of my hypnotherapy course in under three years, despite the challenges of a full-time job and the pandemic. The flexibility of distance learning, coupled with Faith Waude's invaluable virtual mentorship, guided me through exams and provided unwavering support. Balancing work and study seamlessly at my own pace was facilitated by user-friendly course materials, essential in earning my diploma in hypnotherapy. Beyond acquiring knowledge, this journey instilled resilience and determination. Despite never meeting, Faith's personalized support made the experience empowering. As I integrate these skills into my role as a holistic empowerment coach, I share my story to inspire others. Online learning, with dedication and the right support, is not only possible but entirely achievable!"

Mahji Quadir (Completed December, 2023)

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