Hypnotherapy Diploma Course

Reasons to Train

Course ModuleThe Professional Hypnotherapy Course is an enjoyable and informative way to learn the useful skills of hypnosis and helps you to develop an understanding of your own psyche as well as that of your clients.

Setting up your own hypnotherapy practice can also be financially rewarding as you can work when you like, and set a fee that suits you (£50 - £80 for a one hour session is often charged even at the lower end of the scale).

Reasons to Start Your Career as a Hypnotherapist:
A Fulfilling Career

Qualify in months and enjoy a career for life as a hypnotherapist. There is no upper age limit applied to practitioners. You need not to worry about redundancy or retirement or being perceived as being 'too old' to work as your life experience is your most valuable asset.

The Reward of Helping People

Training as a hypnotherapist is very rewarding as you are helping others to achieve their potential as well as furthering your own personal and professional development.

Financial Potential

You can command the fees that you rightly deserve. You could be earning in a day the same amount or more as many others who are in paid employment do in a week! The Course includes a complete guide to marketing and promoting your business, including a free listing in our Find-a-Therapist directory and continued after support.

Work Flexibility

Working the hours you want to - as any self employed person will testify - is rewarding; take your holidays whenever you wish - start and finish your sessions at times which are convenient for you and your family.


Stress free - if you are straining to meet targets in your current employment then this can affect both your health and performance.  By doing something that you really enjoy your perspective on life can only change for the better.

Professional Recognition

Diploma and designatory letters (DHP. Acc. Hyp.) after your name to recognize your study and expertise.


Receive after-support and two years' free membership to the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association upon qualifying, allowing you to obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance through our block scheme agreement with a reputable broker. Plus, receive 2 years' free membership to the PHPA and a listing on the PHPA website (www.phpa-online.org).

Affordable Training

Pay As You Learn and Study at your own Pace - you can order each module online (here) whenever you are ready. If other commitments arise whilst you are taking the course you can recommence your training from where you left off whenever you are ready.

* Our insurance agreement is currently only applicable in the UK as different countries are bound by their own insurance legislation.

Quality checked by The National Hypnotherapy Society Best Hypnotherapy Training Provider - UK (2018)