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Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Course Tutors

Meet our team of experienced hypnotherapy trainers who will guide you through your hypnotherapy training:

Sally Benson S.Q.H.P Dip.Hyp I.S.C.H
Course Trainer
Sally Benson S.Q.H.P Dip.Hyp I.S.C.H

Sally is a fully qualified Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy with extensive experience in the private and corporate sectors. Having gained her original Diploma in 2005, she has since completed over 300 hours of advanced training in the areas of Pain Management, Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for Therapeutic Transformation... Read More

Bob Collins BSc (Hons), MPrac. Hyp, MPrac. NLP, PGCE (FE), FHS
Course Trainer
Bob Collins BSc (Hons), MPrac. Hyp, MPrac. NLP, PGCE (FE), FHS

Bob Collins is an experienced and Accredited (FHS) Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Practitioner, with over 19 years of clinical practice. He also holds qualifications in NLP and Life Coaching. In addition, Bob has enjoyed more than 26 years' teaching in Further Education (PGCE) and has considerable experience as an educationalist, assessor (D32/D33) and as an inspiring tutor.

Eileen Wellings GHR(reg), MASC,(NLP)(Ad P.Th),UKRAH(adv), Dip.Hyp.
Course Trainer
Eileen Wellings GHR(reg), MASC,(NLP)(Ad P.Th),UKRAH(adv), Dip.Hyp.

Since training as a hypnotherapist more than 15 years ago, Eileen's experience has involved working with a wide variety of clients. She has seen clients with issues including phobias, weight loss and stop smoking, as well as anxiety, IBS, stress and other stress-related problems. She is also trained in hypnosis for birthing and hypnotension, and has counselling qualifications. Eileen is based in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Tracey Baum
Course Trainer
Tracey Baum

Tracey started her working life in the NHS as registered general nurse and achieved the rank of Senior Staff nurse on a female medical ward. Wanting to stay in the 'helping people' industry after a back injury, she studied Social Work and counselling and on qualifying, worked in a local children and families social work team for several years. Tracey moved into working in the public and private sectors in varying customer service roles, in different industries, progressing through to team leader and customer service management roles... Read More

Upcoming Courses with Tracey:
Hayley Leigh D. Hyp, P.D. Hyp. Cert. Couns. MBSCH
Course Trainer
Hayley Leigh D. Hyp, P.D. Hyp. Cert. Couns. MBSCH

Trained by the LCCH, Hayley completed her Diploma in Hypnotherapy in 2007 and followed on with the Master Practitioners Diploma in 2008. She has been in practice ever since. Hayley combines her experience, enabling her to train others in Mental Health and using hypnotherapy as an effective tool for promoting wellbeing... Read More

Faith Waude DHP Acc. Hyp.
Course Principal
Faith Waude DHP Acc. Hyp.

Faith is a co-founder of the Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy (HWIAH) with over 15 years of experience in the field of hypnotherapy. She has been instrumental in teaching mental health care professionals in these areas and is primarily involved in designing the Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma Programme. Faith has a successful hypnotherapy practice and receives regular referrals from GPs for help with patients with anxiety and phobias.

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"My journey with Hypnotic World has been truly enlightening."
Vicki Scurr

"I am so glad that I chose Hypnotic World to study with."
Mark Stewart

"I am so happy with the achievement accomplished and I am looking forward to starting my new vocation, and career in Hypnotherapy."
Angela Leavesley-Rider

"Thanks to Hypnotic World I have been able to gain the skills I need to become a confident hypnotherapist and I look forward to starting my new journey, knowing I can return to Hypnotic World for support; if needed, is a real comfort and great extra support when taking the first steps into a whole new business."
Patrick Jordan

What Students Are Saying
"Thank you, I have enjoyed every minute of this journey."

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone whether just starting out on the journey to become an Hypnotherapist or those with prior knowledge. The tutor, Sally Benson was fantastic, encouraged growth and supported when needed, she also encouraged students to support each other. The course gave me the opportunity to see hypnotherapy in practice and put my own prior knowledge and understanding into the mix. Thank you, I have enjoyed every minute of this journey."

Vicki Scurr (Completed April, 2022)

"I would recommend this course"

"The Practitioner Hypnotherapy Course was so well structured, the Zoom teaching was just as good, as we interacted really well with each other. Sally is a fantastic lecturer, she was very helpful and supportive and still is after being qualified. I’m so pleased I have taken this qualification, I'm a member of a few associations now... I would recommend this course, you get a lot experience 100% especially if you want to work as a hypnotherapist."

Leah Jung (Completed November, 2021)

"It is definitely a course which I would recommend"

"No amount of words can thank Hypnotic World enough for all the help they gave me whilst training for the Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy qualification. Sally Benson is an amazing tutor - her enthusiasm, knowledge and experience of hypnotherapy is fantastic and absolutely inspiring. It was an extremely intensive course, but the way in which Sally delivered every training session in a clear, concise and professional manner, giving us all so much encouragement and support, made the experience outstanding. Thank you so much!In addition, working with the other students, knowing that they too were on the same journey, really helped and we have all remained in touch with each other as we continue along our respective paths.It is definitely a course which I would recommend to anyone considering a career in hypnotherapy. I am really excited to start using my skills to help other people move forward in their lives."

Maria Line Pallett (Completed November, 2021)

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