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Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials
What students are saying about Hypnotic World training

We love to hear feedback from students completing the Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy course. Read previous students' thoughts on Hypnotic World training below:

I have thoroughly enjoyed training with Hypnotic World. The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma training was professional, well organised and very supportive. I had the benefit of being taught by Sally Benson, whose knowledge and enthusiasm for hypnotherapy is incredible. She acted as an inspiration; guiding us to use hypnotherapy safely and effectively with a wide range of presentations. I would highly recommend taking the course.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to write and say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course.

Sally is a brilliant tutor - her enthusiasm, knowledge and experience of hypnotherapy is amazing and absolutely inspiring. It was an extremely intensive course but the way in which Sally delivered every training session in a clear, concise and professional style, giving us all so much encouragement and support, made the experience outstanding.

I shall be going back over the course material to reinforce all the areas, before continuing the assignments and working through the case studies. However, I am really looking forward to the day when I have gained my Diploma and can take the skills which Sally has taught us out into the real World and be able to help others.

It is definitely a course which I would recommend to anyone considering a career in hypnotherapy - thank you!

Helen Penny This was a huge change of direction for me as I was moving from a very corporate environment into the therapy world. Sally, our tutor, created an extremely comfortable and warm atmosphere whilst teaching, which helped cushion the transition to a new career even while I was initially feeling way out of my usual comfort zone.

Valerie Davis I absolutely enjoyed my time throughout the Diploma Hypnotherapy course at Hypnotic World. It was intense, tough and very informative. It’s been life changing. The support has been amazing and I've learnt all I needed to know to pursue a career as a fully qualified Hypnotherapist.

I am really glad I decided to take the course with Hypnotic World one year ago. It was an extremely transformational year for me in private life and in my new career path as a hypnotherapist. The course was held online but I found it as positive rather than negative as I could fit my learning around my work and life in general. It’s a shame I haven’t met my tutor Meira Shore and my group mates in person yet but I’m sure we’ll do it this summer :)

The materials the course provided were very good and clear and I knew if I get stuck I could always email for further support. Meira is a very caring and knowledgeable tutor and a very kind and positive person always ready to help and support.

The course wasn’t the easiest one but it is definitely worth every minute I spent on it. Proud to start my new career as a Hypnotherapist.

I would recommend Hypnotic World to anyone wanting to train in this fascinating area.

Jen Stanton I felt in very safe hands with our knowledgeable tutor who had a wealth of experience and shared her knowledge generously. The intensive course is not for the feint hearted – it’s certainly pacey – I absolutely loved it.

From the very start, with a free afternoon session as an introduction to the course, I felt very well informed and supported all the way through the course.

As for my tutor Sally, well, what can I say! If I wanted to put together the tutor of my dreams, that would be Sally. She is just so knowledgeable and shares her knowledge so generously. She sees the potential in her students and nurtures and hones it by really caring and taking your progress to heart.

The fellow students in my group were all amazing and I made some new, truly long lasting, friends. We are all supporting each other through this exciting time of starting our new businesses as hypnotherapists.

If you are considering becoming a hypnotherapist, if you feel the calling, look no further than Hypnotic World. At its core it is an organisation that wants to ensure the hypnotherapists they trained are fully qualified and ready to go out there and be a truly amazing hypnotherapists. They have also made it an affordable and convenient way to enable me to go for this very rewarding career opportunity.

Many thanks. It was an amazing course, wonderful students, a truly incredible teacher and an absolutely mind blowing subject!

This comprehensive course was challenging, but very well structured and organized in such a way that it was easy to follow and comprehend. It was cleverly broken down into modules, allowing time for self study without pressure.

The quality of the training was excellent and my tutor, Sally Benson, was so patient and went above and beyond her call of duty. She gave 100% support both during and after the course, for which I am truly grateful.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone considering a career as a hypnotherapist. I now feel totally confident to go forth and pursue my new career.

Emma Hammond I’ve just completed my Hypnotherapy Diploma. I enjoyed every minute of the course, especially because my tutor Sally Benson was amazing! She was a fountain of knowledge and gave me so much support and guidance throughout. She was always available if I had any questions or concerns. I also met some fabulous like minded people who are now friends for life. Thank you so much Hypnotic World!

Ouakila Arbaoui If what you've been looking for is a life changing course then you are in the right place!

This Practitioner Diploma Hypnotherapy Course was a totally enriching experience, pure satisfaction from beginning to end, I enjoyed every single module.

The content of this course not only covers a vast range of theory and knowledge based information but also gives you plenty opportunities to practise both on fellow students, and friends and family.

And Sally, made the whole experience hugely enjoyable; her warmth, humor, wealth of anecdotes and her contagious enthusiasm made it all a highly memorable and enlightening experience.

Costin Mocanu I'm so happy to have had you [Meira] as a teacher on the Hypnotic World Hypnotherapy Diploma course. I loved the connection and openness we had from the very first unit.

I really appreciate all the examples you gave from your therapy and your enthusiasm and energy for this type of therapy.

You are an inspiration for me and I feel lucky to have been taught by you.

Raquel E. F. Ezequiel The course was a very good experience!

During the course, we could access the scripts for free, and this was great because we could practise a wide variety of scripts!

The tutor, Meira, was great and always available to answer emails and give her support.

Anna Dernovaja One of the most amazing experiences ever! I really enjoyed all the studies during the Hypnotic World Hypnotherapy Diploma course with my tutor Meira.

Meira is an excellent teacher, kind, positive, always smiling and carrying about all her students. She was always a big help and supportive throughout my studies. I liked the content of the course and all the exercises. Thank you so much Meira.

Nicola Fiveash I found the Hypnotic World Diploma syllabus comprehensive and concise. My tutor Meira was patient, very knowledgeable and empathetic. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hypnotic World to my friends and family.

Mateusz Bajerski When I started the Hypnotic World training I already had some background in hypnotherapy from my Polish school. Attending Meira's classes was the best thing that could happen. I never met a tutor so open, honest and true. Thanks to the Hypnotic World training I could create a structure and see hypnotherapy from a different perspective.

So if you are just starting or you already have got experience in hypnotherapy I recommend [the] hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course from Hypnotic World for everyone :)

Lovisa Reich Having done a lot of research into different hypnotherapy training, I knew immediately that I wanted to sign up to Hypnotic World Ltd after speaking to Meira. Meira brings in a wealth of knowledge and experience to the course, a life transforming journey into helping others.

Fa'eqa Najmedin I loved every moment of your teaching this excellent course. Thank you.

Michael Blackledge A thoroughly enjoyable comprehensive course. Not only did I receive a thorough education in hypnotherapy, but I also discovered so much more about myself. The course has helped me iron out my own problems as well as given me a new rewarding career to help others. I had contemplated doing the distance training, but this seemed to be a lot more thorough and more 'hands-on' in its approach, and practically necessary in order to set up my own practice. My tutor Meira, was a delight to be with, gently guiding the entire class and encouraging personal and professional development. A worldly delightful lady that sure knows her stuff. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to pursue a course in hypnotherapy. Thank you to all at Hypnotic World – you have given me a new lease in life!

Alex Wong I would like to highly recommend Hypnotic World Diploma course to everyone. Even though my first language is not English, when I attended the course in London, my teacher Meira supported me a lot. She changed my life to be more positive. I love my classmates so much, we experienced, exchanged and supported each other. Such an amazing course. At the same time, the online support is very important. Whenever I need to find out the information to do my assignments and practical therapy, I was able to find out on the Hypnotic World website. How wonderful that I could be one of the students. Thank you very much from Alex Wong.

Cristina Claveria Doing the diploma hypnotherapy course with Meira has been an amazing experience. Just what I needed at this moment in my life. Meira has been a great mentor, always available to provide support and feedback and her vast experience in treating clients has translated in the most invaluable advice to develop my own practice. The Hypnotic World curriculum was very comprehensive and I could not imagine achieving a better personal development elsewhere. Conversations amongst the students were rich and stimulating and I feel very lucky to be part of a community with whom I share so much.

Joanne Mechie Hi, my name is Joanna Mechie and I have just completed the Hypnotic World hypnotherapy diploma course, and I just want to say a few words about it.

Firstly, the amazing teaching that we have had - the guidance through our tutor, Sally - absolutely amazing - and I think the confidence that I have actually gained through coming to each module and being guided through each module has been second to none... in - now that I'm finished - knowing that I am confident enough to be able to take all I have learnt and to setup in practice is a great thing. And that takes a lot of help and guidance, and through each module, Sally has offered that in bucket loads. It's been an incredible journey and I'm really grateful for that.

Also, the friends and comradery I've had. Through coming together with other hypnotherapists - other students who are training - and really building up friendship and support and rapport. And actually to be there and to see everybody and connect with them and to see what everybody else has been going through, and we've been a good support team to help each other through, too. So yes, it's been a great experience.

Mike Best I had always been a little curious about hypnosis, and when the opportunity arose to look into it through this course - and become a qualified hypnotherapist to boot - I seized it with enthusiasm and excitement. I have to say, it has transformed my life in two ways.

Firstly, by the way how I now see people and situations, which ultimately means how I understand life; and secondly, the fact that I now have a whole new career. All thanks to our wonderful course tutor.

Sally Benson is a naturally-gifted and highly effective practitioner - and I speak as someone with over 30 years' teaching experience. She breaks the weekend lessons up into manageable chunks with carefully-planned rest breaks... where we inevitably just drank tea, ate cake and picked her brains even more about hypnosis! She made the intensive 10-weekend (monthly) course a non-stop rollercoaster of fun, fascinating information and challenges - and at times I must admit I was certainly out of my comfort zone.

The course does have theory, but the practical aspect is really emphasised. To be honest, that's where the real learning occurred for me. Half way through the course, I felt I could actually use hypnotherapy. And, perhaps more important than anything, Sally prepares you for the rigours of the business world, with great lessons for setting up your own website and how to be successful, which pitfalls to avoid, etc. So, in short, it is fun but practical.

Highly recommended.

Stephen Bissett Sally is an amazing tutor. I cannot imagine there are many tutors with the same experience.

The course itself was packed full of content but Sally made it so easy to navigate through. Queries, questions or advice were never any trouble and you could tell Sally truly wants you to succeed and fulfil your future goals.

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"My journey with Hypnotic World has been truly enlightening."
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"I am so glad that I chose Hypnotic World to study with."
Mark Stewart

"I am so happy with the achievement accomplished and I am looking forward to starting my new vocation, and career in Hypnotherapy."
Angela Leavesley-Rider

"Thanks to Hypnotic World I have been able to gain the skills I need to become a confident hypnotherapist and I look forward to starting my new journey, knowing I can return to Hypnotic World for support; if needed, is a real comfort and great extra support when taking the first steps into a whole new business."
Patrick Jordan

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