Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Course Overview

The course consists of 10 weekends, usually one weekend per month and will start promptly at 9.30 am and finish at 4.45 pm. There will be 45 minutes for a lunch break and two 15 minute refreshment breaks during the day. This will provide over 120 hours of in-class training.

Personal study requirements will include:  homework assignments, case studies, research and reading.  

Practical requirements: 50 hours to include 1-1 sessions.  The total training time will be in excess of 450 hours.  There will be ongoing practical and theoretical assessments throughout the course through group activities and 1-1 sessions.  

Each unit will be supported with a comprehensive training manual which will be distributed at the end of each training weekend.  Students will be required to participate in practical work to embed their continuous learning throughout the course.

Hypnosis is both an academic and a practical area of study. Training will be devoted to the demonstration and practical application of hypnotherapeutic techniques. All students will be involved in practising and learning how to apply hypnosis from the very first weekend which is key to embedding the learning journey.