Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Course Eligibility

People from many backgrounds and experiences attend out training course and go on to map out successful careers in the industry.  No previous experience is required.  What is of great importance is your desire to create an environment in which change can occur through empathy, motivation and a commitment to become an effective therapist.

Every student will be invited to a telephone interview before attending the course so you have the opportunity to ask questions and explore if the course is right for you.  There will be academic work throughout the course but your tutor will assist you throughout the entire process. 

We understand that everyone has a variety of learning styles and we will accommodate this to ensure you have a great experience.  More importantly, a willingness to develop your skills and enthusiasm in the practical work will help you develop rapidly.

Working as a Hypnotherapist means that you will experience many different client groups as well as being faced with challenging and sometimes difficult subjects.  Your telephone interview will help us to establish:

  • You are emotionally mature to work with a variety of clients without harm to yourself
  • You are able to meet the basic eligibility requirements of the course
  • You are of suitable character to work with potentially vulnerable client groups
  • Are motivated and committed to embrace all aspects of the course
  • Ensure you have no medical conditions which are contraindicated in hypnosis such as bi-polar, epilepsy or undergoing medical treatment which would disrupt continuity of the course
  • Your aspirations to work in this field