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Wondering how much a hypnotherapist earns? Estimate your potential income as a hypnotherapist using the income calculator:

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* Values are pre-tax estimates based on working 231 days per year at 90% booking rate. Values cannot be guaranteed and can vary depending on numerous factors. Calculations used: Monthly Income: Daily Clients × Session Rate × 19 × 0.9, Annual Salary: Daily Clients × Session Rate × 231 × 0.9.

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"The business I am just setting up will be all the richer for having taken the chance and ordered this excellent course."

"It's been hard work, but incredibly satisfying, and it was Hypnotic World that started it all off for me! A HUGE thank you!"
Declan Lestat

"The Modules are well written in an easy to understand manner, one that makes it interesting for the reader to learn from."

"Since receiving my certificate in January I have gone from strength to strength."

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