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Lynne Parnall DipHyp, PROF. DIP PSY C. Clarity4D Accredited

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Lynne Parnall DipHyp, PROF. DIP PSY C. Clarity4D accredited
Contact Information

Lynne Parnall DipHyp, PROF. DIP PSY C. Clarity4D Accredited
The Cabin Hypnotherapy
Beulah Road
Llanwrtyd Wells
United Kingdom

Accessibility: Fully wheelchair accessible - Flat path from a car with ramp available to gain access to building
Parking: Free on-site parking - Please pull into the drive of Awelon, you may park in front of the house where you will see a sign directing you to The Cabin.

Public Transport: Buses available

Opening Hours
Monday10:00 - 21:30
Tuesday14:00 - 09:30
Wednesday10:00 - 18:00
Thursday14:00 - 20:30
Friday10:00 - 18:00
Therapist Details
Web Site:

 www.thecabinhypnotherapy.net (External Link)

Facebook Page:

 @@LParnall (External Link)

Since 2015
Specialist Areas:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Phobia
  • Insomnia
  • Pain relief
Sessions Provided:
  • In-Person Sessions
  • Online Sessions
  • Adults


  • English

Get in Touch:

About Lynne

I  work with clients of all ages over sixteen who are suffering with some form of anxiety in their lives. This could show by them having feelings of panic, stress, being overwhelmed and feeling things are out of control.

Working with me, I help them get control of the anxiety so they can think, and feel differently, no longer feeling panicked or overwhelmed and go on to live  happier and fulfilled lives.

I’m thinking you arrived here today because you are searching? Searching for a solution to your problem. That problem could be anxiety, addiction, a fear of something like flying. or maybe travelling in a car, maybe you feel like an imposter or that you have failed in some way.

Whatever your problem is its very real to you. I am confident we can change that so it's no longer a problem.

Can you imagine how life would feel when you could be free of whatever it is that’s causing you an issue in your life at the moment? Anxiety, stress, worry, a feeling of panic, these are all feelings we experience when things aren’t quite right in our lives. What if I told you that you don’t have to feel that way? That there is a solution out there that not only helps you overcome your issue, but understands the root causes as well, allowing you to make real change?

I have successfully helped clients find a solution to their problems for over many years. I specialise in working with anxiety, depression, PTSD and addiction but some of the other areas I work with are fear, stress, confidence, weight loss, worry of public speaking, pain relief. quitting smoking, and these are all areas that hypnosis can really help bring you the results you desire! But more importantly I am confident that you and I working together can help you to change.

How does that sound?

To good to be true ? well it doesn't have to be !

People reach out to a Hypnotherapist for numerous reasons but the fundamental reason is that something is making you feel uncomfortable or unhappy in your life at the moment. (That could be anxiety fear stress a limiting belief)

The good news is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you change that. I believe that each person is unique and that we, as a team can work together to help you not only feel different, but see things differently. Whatever it is that is causing pain in your life, I am confident that we, can help change that quickly and permanently.

Imagine how different your life would be without whatever it is that's causing you pain. I am confident we can do that for you. Now imagine you could do that in 2-4 sessions.. How great would that feel? Working with me, using my skills in Hypnotherapy you will be in the right space to remove that niggling problem from your life. People have come to me with a range of problems from anxiety and weight issues, to wanting to stop smoking, and deal with stress, phobias, The list is endless. But by working together we can help remove those issues and improve your life significantly.

Hypnotherapy is very simple but effective, it follows the idea that you already have everything inside you to help solve your problems you just need to learn to unlock it. Working together can help you harness that power and free yourself of the restraints holding you back.

I know that seeing a Hypnotherapist can be a difficult decision, but ultimately it’s the best thing you can do for you. Think of it as a pamper day for your unconscious, allowing you to relax, while we work through the barriers in your mind and create solutions that work for you.

I provide a full, confidential service to all my clients, with hours and frequencies that suit you. Why not get in touch if you would like to get to know more about me and more about what I do. My Powys based office offers free easy parking and disable access if you need it. During these difficult times of Corona Virus I offer a safe environment with plenty of space, hand sanitiser, Government QR Code, toilet facilities which are cleaned between each client which offer hand washing facilities. 

But why choose Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, and why choose me?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a proven evidence-based type of hypnotherapy This means it has taken part in a research study which proved its was successful in almost 90% of cases.

As for me? I am a people person. I love working with people, and seeing them achieve and exceed their goals, whatever they are. Working with a range of clients I have gained a vast amount of experience, enabling me to help people find the solution to the pain in their lives. I have also worked with a therapist to relieve a fear in my own life, So I too have ‘walked the walk’ as well as ‘talked the talk’.

While I don’t know what you want to achieve right now, I do know you can achieve it Working with me, you will be able to see strengths that you may not have realised you possessed. and learn to conquer your weaknesses. Above all I have confidence that we together can solve your issue.

Further information about me can be found at -
Why not give me a call on 07784 376741

Or drop me an email at lynneparnall@thecabinhypnotherapy.com

Practising Since: 2015

My Experience

I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and ACCPH. I run a full time practice, using my Coaching and Counselling experience alongside Hypnotherapy to create treatment plans for each individual using a blend of techniques. I can help you get fast and effective results in minimum time; enabling you to get on with your life free of the problem that was holding you back. These techniques enable me to tailor the solution to your issue; after all we don’t live in a ‘one size fits all’ world so why should your therapy be the same as everyone else’s .

Training & Qualifications

Diploma in Hypnotherapy - 2013

Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling - 2015

Haven Hypnotherapy Academy – Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - 2020

Clarity 4D – Accredited Life Coach - 2020

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  • 1 x session
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