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Phoenix Alexander Registered Hypnotherapist

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Phoenix Alexander Registered Hypnotherapist
Contact Information

Phoenix Alexander Registered Hypnotherapist
Phoenix Alexander
United States of America

Opening Hours
Monday00:00 - 00:00
Tuesday00:00 - 00:00
Wednesday00:00 - 00:00
Thursday00:00 - 00:00
Friday00:00 - 00:00
Therapist Details
Web Site:

MyNameIsPhoenix.com (External Link)

Specialist Areas:
  • Coping with PTSD
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss-Weight Release
  • Overcoming Stress and Anxiety
  • Eating for Better Health
  • Transforming Yourself
  • Releasing Fear
  • Self Esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Increasing Resilience
  • Increasing Happiness and Gratitude
  • Changing Your Perspective
  • Life Mastery
  • Setting Effective Boundaries for Safety and Empowerment

Sessions Provided:

  • Telephone Sessions
  • Online Sessions
  • Group Sessions


  • Adolescents
  • Adults


  • English


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About Phoenix

I have been licensed in the healing/helping fields since 1989.

In this time of a global pandemic we need effective, proven methods, and tools for stress relief, healing, increasing your resilience, and transformation and more than ever!

I have a unique set of experiences, and skills that make me especially qualified to help you on your journey to what you really want to be, have, and experience for yourself.

When I couldn't help as many people as I wanted to empower on a one to one basis, I expanded to Professional Speaking, writing books and articles,  teaching online classes, and doing group coaching and Personal Empowerment Sessions,  which include Hypnotherapy, and many other scientifically proven methods for change.

Using Hypnotherapy as one of the many tools in my professional training has been invaluable in getting to the root of whatever needs to be changed by engaging the cooperation of the subconscious mind—the Big Boss. Without getting to the level of the subconscious mind, your effectiveness in creating positive lasting change will be limited.

I have had many experiences with severe adversity and a need to learn to overcome, recreate, and transform my own life. I have used that knowledge to help others. You will find much of this information in my books, which you can learn about on my website: www.MyNameIsPhoenix.com and in "My Training" coming up next.

I can customize my knowledge into a Personal Transformation Program for you! Let’s get started.

Contact me today to start your transformation. 253-332-9004



Phoenix Alexander

My Experience

Qualifications of Phoenix Alexander: 

I am Not a Licensed Physician Or Mental Health Specialist.

I am not qualified to prescribe medication, diagnose medical or psychological conditions or treat mental disorders. The treatment of hypnotherapy, or any alternative modalities used, is alternative or complementary to healing arts services and licensed by the state of Washington where I reside.

I AM A Registered HYPNOTHERAPIST with the State of Washington.

My Training Includes Certifications in:

·        Ericksonian Hypnotherapy,

·        Hypnotherapy Smoking Cessation,

·        Child Hypnotherapy,

·        Working with Autistic Clients,

·        Advanced PTSD Training,

·        Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR),

·        Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),

·        EFT Energy, Thought Field Therapy (TFT),

·        Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor,

·        Group Life Coaching Instructor,

·        Chakra Healing Group Instructor, and Chakra Healer

·        Weight Loss Instructor, International Diploma in Weight Loss instruction, etc.

Additional Training Includes:

I am a Personal Empowerment Guide, specializing in the release of Trauma, Transformation, and empowering people to reach their highest potential. (Like a Life Coach).

I have been working with clients for over 3 decades to transform their lives through various empowering techniques including Hypnotherapy, Somatic Emotional Release, Personal Empowerment Coaching, and through Seminars, Public Speaking and Books. 

The techniques I utilize include, but are not limited to: Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit; changing habits of thought and actions, relaxation techniques, and using hypnosis for the purposes of pain management, trauma recovery, skill rehearsal, guided visualization, reframing trauma, addressing relationship and trauma issues, etc. 

I am a Published Author including these books: 

·       Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way of the Phoenix—A Guide Personal Empowerment Through Coping Strategies and Life Skills--Available on Amazon and though my website.

·       From Victim Into Victor The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Trauma, Abuse, and PTSD- Available from me-- the Author

I have taught group hypnotherapy sessions and health and wellness classes including classes on: 

( Recorded and available for purchase on my website www.MyNameIsPhoenix.com)

  • Overcoming Stress and Anxiety, Four 60 minutes sessions.
  • Weight Release that Lasts-(Nobody wants to Lose Something) -6 sessions Around 90 minutes.
  • Food Healing Sessions- Learn the Super Foods that will help regain or maintain your optimal health. Four Sessions Between 90 minutes and 2 hours long.
  • And many more including Aromatherapy and Qigong. 

I Reserve The Right To Refuse Anyone Service

If we agree to work together you will be guided to your own breakthrough with my vast knowledge of experience both personal and professional in overcoming adversity, trauma and transforming your life.

  • Type:
  • Each 60-90 minute Session
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