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William Walley

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William Walley
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William Walley
Inward Journeys Hypnosis LLC
United States of America

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 inwardjourneyshypnosis.com (External Link)

Since 2019
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About William

Hello my name is William,

The owner-operator of Inward Journeys Hypnosis and your Hypnotist.

I am a certified Hypnotherapist from the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists (IAPCH). 

My Journey

My fascination with Hypnosis and the mind began with a simple demonstration of stage hypnosis, performed by a guest speaker, while attending Psychology class in high school.

That class sparked something inside me which would be the beginning of my own in-depth study of Hypnosis, self-hypnosis and Meditation. Later this knowledge would lead me on a quest of self-discovery that changed my outlook on life completely.

Throughout the years this awareness has also allowed me to focus my mind and improve almost every aspects of my life.

It wasn’t, however, until much later in my life that I would pursue my dream of using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help others accomplish changes in their lives like I have enjoyed in my own life.

This pursuit would not have happened if it wasn’t for the encouragement of my loving wife who understood this passion and my eagerness to help others.  

My Philosophy

Many of us go through life making sure that we take good care of our bodies but do little to nothing to take care of our minds.

I see many people going through life sad and depressed. Wishing for a better life. Often times looking in the outside world to find what they want on the inside. Many of these people have good jobs, food on the table, roofs over their heads and loving families. I talk with these people and I hear them say “I wish I wasn’t depressed”, “I wish I wasn’t over weight”, “I wish I didn’t smoke”. I ask them “well what do you want instead” and they look at me puzzled.

I will not only help you make important changes in your life through hypnosis, but I will help you get a better understanding how your mind works and communicates. It is usually not how most people think.

One example, if I was to say to you don’t think about a pink elephant what happens? Your mind automatically pictures a pink elephant and then you have to dismiss it or change your thoughts to think of something else right? But you have already seen that pink elephant haven’t you.

Many people go through life feeling like fate will dictate their life. We know how to dream and set goals for our lives but fall short because we are not able to see the path ahead to achieve these dreams.

My goal is to help you break the self-destructive patterns and beliefs of your mind to achieve meaningful changes in your life as well as to create and follow a path of your own choosing.

There is an old saying an Optimist sees the glass half full a Pessimist sees the glass half empty. It is my desire to show you how to see your glass overflowing.

Life is a Journey. Let me inspire you to make that journey a wonderful one and help you live the life you always wanted to live.

Practising Since: 2019

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