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Denise Ward HSOH Diploma In Hypnotherapy

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Denise Ward HSOH Diploma in Hypnotherapy
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Denise Ward HSOH Diploma In Hypnotherapy
49 Adhurst Road
West Leigh
United Kingdom

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Weight Management

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About Denise

My passion for Hypnotherapy came about in 2011 by a chance comment made by a friend, after I had exhausted all other avenues of trying to lose weight, when she asked if I had considered Hypnotherapy as a means helping me shed those pounds, of course my answer to that was a big fat definite NO as I was absolutely terrified of having someone put me into hypnosis and me losing all control (which I now know to be incorrect, however at the time I knew no better and so had my own misguided beliefs about hypnotherapy) Anyway after this I did start to research this and other alternative therapies that might be able to help me. Now my desire to lose weight had been with me for more years than I'd like to remember and at that point I was actually working full time for a local college teaching computer applications, and had been for almost thirteen years by then. I absolutely loved my job and everything to do with and about teaching. I enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing people achieve what they initially thought was impossible for them to do, and then to see their confidence grow and grow as they became more and more computer literate, I also enjoyed the planning and preparing of sessions and resources thus making sure my classes were interesting and successful, I worked really hard whilst there and gained my Cert-Ed within the first two years and always kept abreast of other relevant qualifications over the years. However a change in family circumstances meant that I was needed at home to provide much needed care for both my parents and so I began a new chapter in my life when at the end of 2012 I left my teaching role and became a full time carer for both my wonderful parents, which also then gave me the opportunity to compete my hypnotherapy course. I had started this course in 2011 when like I said earlier my friend suggested that I try hypnotherapy to help me shed some weight. Now me being me I don't do anything by half and so once I had started to research the benefits of hypnotherapy I suddenly found myself booked on to a weekend taster in London, which I thoroughly enjoyed and then came back looking for a full qualified course local to Portsmouth, which I found when I joined the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy and successfully completed their year long nationally recognised Diploma . Now although I could already see the benefits of hypnotherapy when I started my diploma course, my actual true belief in hypnotherapy came about during one of our training sessions when I volunteered to be the client. My phobia was definitely for real in that I was petrified of lifts and had not stepped in one for almost 30 years, preferring to take the stairs no matter how many floors there were (usually having to climb between ten and 20 flights at a time on a regular basis). After my hypnotherapy session and during the lunch break I, to my own amusement, (and to the astonishment of my husband as my fear over the years had impacted heavily on him too, but that's another story) found myself heading towards the lift instead of the stairs, anyway I went into the lift with others from the session and just stood and waited as the lift doors closed behind me. We then proceeded down to the ground floor whereby I stepped out and felt ecstatic - ecstatic because although I was still shaking from the journey I had actually overcome my fear and walked consciously into the lift and stayed there until we reached our destination. Now not everyone will be able to imagine what that feels like or even appreciate the effect that this fear has had on my life for many years, but some of you will, maybe because you have overcome something similar or because you still suffer from the effects of a fear or phobia to this day and so you will understand what I had to overcome to be able to ride in that lift and yet do you know what because of the hypnotherapy and techniques used to help overcome fear and phobias it was actually easier that even I could imagine. Since then I have used the lift on many, many occasions , and mostly when I'm on my own too, which is an even bigger achievement for me and so you see because of this I became a real true believer in the power of hypnotherapy and my belief just keeps on growing every time I see someone else overcome an obstacle that prevented them living life as they wanted to because of fear or because they couldn't follow a direction in their life that they wanted to. My personal belief in hypnotherapy was once again emphasised when I recently overcame my fear of drowning using self hypnosis and am now learning to swim properly for the first time. I have also completed weight management sessions with my therapist and suddenly found myself on the path that I have been trying to get on to, for managing my weight, for many years and so now my weight management journey has finally begun and I am now 1 stone lighter than I was in jut six weeks - No more Yo-Yo dieting or shake replacement meals for me, this time I feel confident enough to know that I can go all the way with this and better still I just know that I can keep it off for good this time too.

Practising Since: 2012
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